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O-Zone: The left lane

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Vince from Jacksonville:
Jason Myers was inconsistent last year, and arguably cost the Jaguars two wins. While kicker isn't the most important position to address in the draft or free agency, do you think David Caldwell will add competition to the position? If so, will it be free agency or the draft (or undrafted free agency)?
John: This is a tough one and though I strongly believe Myers will be the Jaguars' kicker next season, Caldwell really hasn't tipped his hand much. He speaks highly of Myers and has given no indication he's looking to draft a kicker or sign one as a high-priority undrafted free agent. Myers, remember, was legitimately good as a field-goal kicker and kicking off last season; it was kicking extra points where he struggled mightily. So, it wasn't as if he was all bad and he does have legitimate strengths. I also think if Caldwell had been inclined to make a move at the position he would have done so in veteran free agency, so the guess here is Caldwell's legitimately not looking to replace Myers. We'll see.
Cameron from Ottawa, Canada:
If Tunsil, Ramsey, Bosa and Jack are gone, don't you think it would be a good idea to trade back? There aren't many other players worthy of a Top 5 pick.
John: If there are no players worthy of a Top 5 pick why would a team trade for it?
Amata from the Marshall Islands:
Hey O-Zone, it's been a while. Concerning the draft, do you think a BAP in areas of need or just plain BAP for Caldwell this year?
John: I think true drafting for the best available player with no regard to need is very, very cool in theory and very, very rare in reality. I think that's especially true when you're drafting in the Top 10. Usually, it's more a case of best available player with need factored in. So, to answer your question … yes, I think Caldwell will take the best available player at a position where the team has a need.
Keith from Summerville, SC:
You did not just tell an Australian to go have a Fosters, did you? As a Jaguars fan who spent a year and a half there, I can tell you that they do not drink Fosters, or even throw "shrimp" on the barby. G'day.
John: I knew that. I also know I'm thinking of something to tell someone from Summerville to go do.
Scott from Jacksonville and Section 409:
Blaine was bad, but I'm pretty sure we traded up from quite a bit further back to draft Harvey, only to find out we needed to blow things up and start over.
John: Yeah, there is that.
Ken from Jacksonville:
Was "Wis" really that bad or is he seeking a multiyear deal? Why would we shift someone like Brandon Linder to learn a new position and put someone new in his position? I can't believe that two people learning new positions will lend to the continuity of the performance of the offensive line.
John: Stefen Wisniewski wasn't bad at center last year, but there were certainly games when the interior of the line – particularly Wisniewski and Zane Beadles – didn't appear to get much push, and there were times that seemed to be a problem in the running game. As far as moving Linder, I agree that it creates a potentially difficult situation because he's learning a new position. The theory is that you're trying to get your best interior offensive lineman at your most important interior offensive-line position. Linder is good – maybe really, really good – and the Jaguars believe he's good enough to handle the transition and play well.
Kelvin from Atlanta, GA:
It's like this, "OG…" we don't need any outside media acknowledging us or trying to give us credit for our free-agent moves. We don't need anyone trying to say they're liking what they're seeing with the Jags. Let's keep it all in J'ville and within the TRUE fans, where the majority of us have remained loyal to our Jags. Let's have an impactful draft and make some noise in this upcoming season. #DTWD
John: #DTWD
Carter from St. Augustine, FL:
Am I the only person that thinks Shaq Lawson is a better pass rusher than Joey Bosa? Lawson has a better bull rush and higher motor in my opinion. I guess I'm just not on the Bosa train...
John: You're not the only person who likes Lawson. He's an impressive-looking player with a lot of athleticism and upside. Bosa's stock perhaps isn't quite as high as it was just after the season, but don't think he's not a well-regarded prospect. The general consensus is he is very, very solid.
Gabe from Washington, DC:
There is almost zero chance that Dave Caldwell will have to make this decision, but hypothetically speaking, Jalen Ramsey or Myles Jack?
John: I'd guess Jalen Ramsey, but …
Jeff from Keystone Heights, FL:
Boy, Todd Wash gets promoted and must be really proud of himself and excited to be "the man" on the defensive side. And in comes the Grandfather Of Defense (you can figure out the acronym) with humpteen dozen years of experience. If these guys were human like the rest of us, that's a shot to his vote of confidence.
John: It would be a shot to his confidence except for one thing. This isn't like that – and it's certainly not a case of Gus Bradley bringing in someone unknown to oversee Wash. Kiffin was involved in the defensive coordinator search in January, and he has been around the Jaguars' facility throughout the offseason. Both Bradley and Wash know Kiffin well, and the three are all close. So, sure … I get why it could look like a vote of lack of confidence (or something like that), but it's nothing of the kind.
Benjamin from Jacksonville:
If I were to guess what the top of your board looks like I would say you have Bosa, Jack, Ramsey, Tunsil, and Buckner, in that order. Am I close?
John: I don't have a board, but no … not really.
Fred from Jacksonviile:
Why have we retained HENNE? a season out and thats loss of skill (not much to begin with). 3rd option back up NEEDED..experinced.
John: If I'm reading your question right – and believe me, that's no guarantee – you're unhappy that the Jaguars have Chad Henne as the backup quarterback. There are a few primary reasons the Jaguars retained Henne. One is he's one of the NFL's better backup quarterbacks. Another is he's knowledgeable in the offense. Still another is that he's an asset for Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles in the meeting room and in film work. Those are three very good reasons to retain a player as a backup quarterback.
Duke from Jacksonville:
I came across an old newspaper from September 2014 which listed the 10 players the Jaguars couldn't live without. They were: 1. Paul Posluszny 2. Luke Joeckel 3. Marcedes Lewis 4.Red Bryant 5. Chris Clemons 6. Jonathan Cyprien 7. Cecil Shorts III 8. Sen'Derrick Marks 9. Toby Gerhart 10. Zane Beadles. What a difference in less than two years! Five players are no longer on the team and another two or three probably would not make the current top 10. Your comments?
John: Things change fast in the NFL. Things change really fast when you're rebuilding and reshaping a roster as extensively as the Jaguars have done in the last two seasons or so.
Brian from Gainesville, FL:
Big O, what gives with all the negativity about Dante Fowler? Last year, he was God's gift. Unfortunately, an injury sidelined him. I expect he will come out and live up to his potential as a disruptive menace to opposing quarterbacks. But many of my fellow fans seem to think less of him for no reason. So again, what gives?
John: I don't get the idea that fans as a whole are down on Fowler. I do get that many fans are concerned that the Jaguars' lone front-line edge rusher is a second-year player who missed his entire rookie season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The criticism generally seems to be directed more at the Jaguars than Fowler.
Michael from Rose Bay, Australia:
Been a supporter since 1996 have not been this excited about a chance since the lost years. I have a feeling it's the playoff this year. What say you?
John: A lot must go right for that to happen, but that's OK. A lot has to go right anytime a team makes the postseason. You're right to be excited. This looks like a team on the rise.
Ed from Danvers, MA:
My job requires me to be in Jacksonville fairly often and I usually fly in late night. After I rent a car, I come down 95 and often see a dark, shadowy figure driving aimlessly along in the left lane and I always feel a strange, cold shiver as he goes by. Last week, he even tipped his hat to me and sped away into the night. Should I be worried?
John: Nah, Shadrick's harmless. If you're really nervous about it, just take him to Waffle House, buy him a late-night breakfast and pick up the check. You'll be fine.

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