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O-Zone: Very interesting

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Thomas from Madison, WI:
It's hard to be patient with a potential great free-agency period ahead! If you're Dave Caldwell, with now knowing who was not tagged, which three guys do you really target? Also, thoughts on Revis?
John: This is a logical question to answer first this morning, because we know now – at long last – who will and will not receive the franchise tag. That became the case Monday when the deadline passed for teams to apply the franchise label. That's not quite the end-all free agency moment, but it's significant. It's not the end-all because those players could still sign long-term deals with their current teams. It's significant because players not franchised now have a very good chance to reach free agency next Tuesday. As for your questions, it should be noted that I am not Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell and I do not pretend to know as much as Caldwell about the needs of the team. I also do not pretend to know exactly what Caldwell is thinking/planning when it comes to the upcoming free-agency period. I expect that to be true right up until next Tuesday, because while we all will speculate and theorize – and while Caldwell indeed has a plan – there's little incentive for him to share the plan. I also think we're going to hear incredible amounts of speculation – and that there are going to be more rumors flying than perhaps at any point in this franchise's history. It is, to say the least, going to be a lo-o-o-ng week. But if I had my choice and was unlimited in what I could spend, I would pursue Lions defensive Ndamukong Suh, Patriots safety Devin McCourty and Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb. I think the first two may be the best players in free agency, and I'd feel safe – as safe as possible in free agency, anyway – that they will be productive despite a change in scheme. As for Cobb, I feel a little safer with him than I would Broncos tight end Julius Thomas, and at my age, I prefer safe over splash.
John from Jacksonville:
Multiple reports have suggested the Jaguars will make a strong push for Suh. They have the money to make it work and the defensive coach in Gus Bradley to maximize Suh's potential. I think I said that a while ago, didn't I? Do you archive this stuff?
John: Perhaps you did say it a while ago. I wasn't listening. I don't think the Jaguars will pursue heavily. That's what I think now. Stay tuned. It's a long week.
Tom from Jacksonville :
I think it's official that the Jaguars have been rumored to be targeting every high-profile free agent. I personally think we'll get at least one. Do you think it's logical that Dave will spend to get two high-profile players while saving cap space for contract extensions?
John: I think the Jaguars will get more than one high-profile free agent, but I doubt logic has anything to do with it.
Eddy from Miami, FL:
Rumor has it that Jaguars will pursue DeMarco Murray … Not sure if there is truth to this; it doesn't sound like a move Caldwell would do. Getting an aging running back with a history of injuries and then paying him way too much (because that's what the market would demand) ... Do you think there is truth to this or just another player linked to Jaguars because we have so much cap space?
John: At this point, I'm holding my breath and closing my eyes and getting ready for a week perhaps unlike any I've ever covered. That's because I'm not sure theories or what I always have believed to be true about football holds true for the Jaguars this week. What I mean is this: usually teams must be smart and weigh factors such as age, longevity and other potential risks when pursuing free agents. With the cap space the Jaguars have, and with the shotgun-start nature of the free-agent market – and with the team's need to overpay to lure free agents here – many normal rules may not apply. That being said I don't know that there's much I won't believe, and not much will surprise me. So is Murray a possibility? Sure. What isn't?
Paul from Lohrville, IA:
Somehow Devin McCourty has slipped into the free-agent market. I think he has to be priority No. 1 simply because he would make this defense work and is the one player who could push the defense into a Top 10 unit simply because he would allow everyone around him to be better. By signing one player, you would improve the other 10 on defense. The defense let a lot of big plays happen last year. With a free safety like McCourty you can eliminate a lot of those. He says he wishes to stay in New England, but when he visits Jack$onville He will have a change of heart...
John: McCourty's not in free agency yet. The Patriots still have until next Tuesday to sign him, but aside from that I agree – for the most part. Suh more than any other player would make everyone around him better – and he would force offenses to account for him. But McCourty … yes, if he's there, I'd be aggressive and I believe Caldwell will be just that.
William from Section 231:
So, I was reading some Q&A from fans to ESPN writers. Did you know people still want Tebow in Jacksonville? Is that still a thing?
John: Remember how I said nothing would surprise me in free agency? Well, one thing would.
Mike from Sarasota, FL:
Free agency is almost upon us. Are you accepting Tebow questions yet? If so, is there any way Khan signs him to be off the field on-air talent?
John: Goodness gracious.
Dakota Dupree, SC:
Zone, haven't heard much about re-signing any potential free agents. Will Henne test the market as a FA?
John: Probably not this offseason. He's under contract through next season.
Bill from Arlington:
John, I'd appreciate your take on this debate I'm having with another lifelong Jag fan. If you could have Maclin for significantly less than Cobb, wouldn't you have to do that? Some might even argue that the ceiling on Maclin is higher, considering he was overshadowed with less talent at quarterback. Thoughts.
John: This is a rare offseason when cost is less of an issue than many offseasons. If you like Cobb over Maclin, which most do, then pay the man. If not, pay someone … anyone … and pay them a lot.
Ty from Duval:
No question. I saw Red Bryant the other day. That's a very large man.
John: Yep.
JD from Denver, CO:
DeMarco Murray is expected to hit the market. Do you think Jacksonville would be a good landing spot for him?
John: I think I usually would say no, and I said as much several times in recent days. I think usually the play would be to draft a rookie running back because there's more shelf life. But I also think that in a market in which running backs are largely undervalued a team such as the Jaguars with a ton of cap space and the desire to spend a lot, who knows?
Adam from Section 124:
I know that the team has spoken quite positively about Alualu and wanting to keep him at the right price. But we're now about a week away from free agency and I haven't heard any rumblings about them pre-emptively signing him to a new deal. What do you think are the odds that they let him test free agency before deciding whether to bring him back?
John: The sides have talked. If I'm the Jaguars I want to re-sign Alualu and if I'm Alualu, I want to test free agency. I think he'll test free agency, and while usually players who test free agency sign elsewhere, it wouldn't shock me to see him re-sign in Jacksonville.
Otto from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
John, when will Blake Bortles have his voluntary receivers camp in Cal? Do you know who will attend?
John: I know Blake Bortles already is in California working, and it's my understanding he plans to have a time – perhaps a few days, perhaps a bit longer – when he works with receivers there. My guess is it will be toward the end of the month or early next month, but right now it's still to be determined.
Austin from Atlanta, GA:
Last year Dave Caldwell said he knew early on that Blake was the pick. Was that because he knew he was going to draft a QB? Do you think that Dave has "his guy" picked out already this year? Obviously nothing is set in stone.
John: I think Caldwell has a very good idea of a few players he wants in the draft. My guess is he has three he wants if the Jaguars stay at No. 3, and I suspect the list grows significantly longer the further the Jaguars trade down.
John from Jacksonville:
Wow, things just got interesting.
John: Just wait.

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