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One-loss trio plows on


1. Pittsburgh (12-1)—How do they keep doing it?

2. Philadelphia (12-1)—They need a running game.

3. New England (12-1)—Will Weis situation hurt them?

4. Indianapolis (10-3)—Everything falling Colts' way.

5. San Diego (10-3)—Chargers Super Bowl darkhorse.

6. Atlanta (10-3)—Finally, a breakout game.

7. NY Jets (9-4)—Does Pennington have playoff arm?

8. Green Bay (8-5)—Packers on borrowed time?

9. Baltimore (8-5)—Facing rugged finish.

10. Denver (8-5)—What's happened to Broncos?

11. Minnesota (7-6)—Ditto for the Vikings.

12. Jacksonville (7-6)—One-game season for Jaguars.

13. Buffalo (7-6)—Ditto for Bills in Cincinnati.

14. Seattle (7-6)—Will probably win NFC West.

15. Carolina (6-7)—What a great coaching job.

16. Cincinnati (6-7)—Future bright for Bengals.

17. St. Louis (6-7)—Need Bulger back to make run.

18. Kansas City (5-8)—Could hurt the Broncos' chances.

19. Tampa Bay (5-8)—Nice try.

20. Houston (5-8)—Second-half disappointment.

21. Tennessee (4-9)—Getting ready for offseason moves.

22. NY Giants (5-8)—Get a look at Big Ben this Saturday.

23. Dallas (5-8)—Cowboys big disappointment.

24. Detroit (5-8)—Kevin Jones leading rookie rusher.

25. New Orleans (5-8)—Waste of talent.

26. Chicago (5-8)—Not as good as their record.

27. Washington (4-9)—Spent a lot of money to be this bad.

28. Oakland (4-9)—Future is not bright, either.

29. Arizona (4-9)—Will they ever be better?

30. Cleveland (3-10)—Browns have quit.

31. Miami (2-11)—Almost upset Broncos.

32. San Francisco (2-11)—This is going to take a long time.

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