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One play to go 50 not good enough?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from Jacksonville:
I think with the talent level we have, the team has done well. I have two questions: First, what do you think of the all-black uniforms? Do you think they may create an intimidating environment, like the famous "silver and black?" Secondly, Do you think that now would be a good time to get David Garrard some more game-time experience? Maybe some second-half playing time? I watched Steve McNair single-handedly beat the Giants and I reflect on how Garrard very nearly beat the Titans in Tennessee with his legs.

Vic: The all-black uniforms don't appeal to me, but uniforms matter little in my narrow world. As far as David Garrard is concerned, I wouldn't be opposed to some playing time for him against Cincinnati, since that's a game that won't impact the playoffs race. But against Tennessee and Indianapolis, the Jaguars owe it to every team in the playoffs race to go all out. That means playing your best people.

Hicham from Dublin, OH:
With about two minutes left, I was one of the most excited people on the planet; excited for the Jaguars, for Fred Taylor and for Danny Boyd. But when that final play happened with no time left on the clock, it was the first time I had shed a tear over a football game. I think "missed opportunities" would be a fitting title for this year's season. With one loss of three points, three by two points and one by one point, it's frustrating to know the Jaguars are just a few points away from 10-3. My question is: Do you think the Jaguars will "grow" enough by next year to be able to score those few points needed to win the games?

Vic: I don't know. This team needs talent.

Lynn from Jacksonville:
I sincerely believe the ball hit the ground in the last play of Sunday's game against the Browns. Why that wasn't as evident on the film used for review as on the ones shown in the stadium (and later on TV), I don't know. What was very clear, however, is that QB Tim Couch took his helmet off on the field following the play. Why was that not called a penalty?

Vic: The officials probably didn't notice because their view of Tim Couch was blocked by defensive players who should've been in the end zone breaking up the pass.

Brian from Jacksonville:
The hatred toward Tom Coughlin after this loss has actually taken me back a step. I have lived in NFL towns my whole life and never have I heard the foul language and wished violence as I saw on this web site on Sunday. Is this indicative of most NFL cities or is it relegated to the few who get the bad press? Cleveland and Philly, for example.

Vic: Jacksonville doesn't take a back seat to any city.

Robert from Daytona Beach, FL:
I believe myself to be a smart football fan. I ask this question to you looking for a football answer. Why would you squib-kick that ball after the field goal? Please tell me it will get better.

Vic: Yes, it will get better. Bob, don't put yourself through this what-if anguish. Look at it this way: The Browns were left with one play that had to cover 50 yards. What more could the Jaguars have wanted? I don't know any coach who wouldn't have accepted that circumstance and have pronounced his strategy successful. You're trying to find a way to win without having to make a play. That's unrealistic.

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