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Opinions are permitted

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Scott from St. Marys, GA:
My question regards Travis Henry's suspension. According to Jeff Fisher, he asked league officials prior to the trade and was told Henry was in the program. I was under the impression everything is confidential and no one is to know when a player is in the program (unless suspended). If a team is trying to trade for a player, are they permitted to know that information?

Vic: It's my information that the league will reveal whether or not the player is subject to suspension in his next drug test. They will not reveal whether or not the player is in the program, but if he's subject to suspension in his next drug test, then the inquiring team knows right away the player is in the program and has two strikes against him. The player's agent is another possible source of information. The agent probably represents several players and he's not likely to jeopardize his relationship with the team by lying to them or deceiving them.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
We obviously know the value of Fred Taylor to our team, however, I think our most valuable player right now is Byron Leftwich. With him at quarterback, it seems as though any game is winnable. Any thoughts?

Vic: One of the indicators that a quarterback has "arrived" is the awareness that you can't win without him. When I say "can't win without him," I don't mean the Jaguars can't win a game or a couple of games or get by for awhile if Leftwich is injured. David Garrard is a very talented quarterback who is capable of leading this offense handsomely in a temporary capacity, but Leftwich is now clearly this team's dominant offensive figure and for the Jaguars to be the best they can be and to have any chance of reaching the championship level, Leftwich has to be under center. That is now very clear to see.

Jon from Deridder, LA:
I am a daily reader and I am active-duty military displaced by Hurricane Rita. I still have no power or water and I am running off battery. Just want to say the win over the Jets was enough to bring some "sunshine" to me and my family's day. I think the offense will come around and I think they are doing just fine. To all fans, though, they need to be patient with the new offense because it will take time to get the timing down between quarterback and wide receiver. How long do you think it will be before they actually start to click? Take care, Vic, and keep up the great work.

Vic: Let me get this straight. You have no water or electricity, which means the dog is taking you for walks and you can't practice putting because you don't dare waste what power you have on your automatic ball-returner. Hey, that's rugged. I'm glad the Jaguars are brightening your day.

Rajesh from Jacksonville:
I have never seen Jags fans louder than for last year's Denver game. Can you post my appeal to break last year's loudest record?

Vic: No.

Cory from Jacksonville:
At the beginning of the year you put the Vikings on about eight on your power rankings, claiming they'd be better without Moss. I submitted a question when I read that, asking how you got addition from subtraction. Now they're 28. Right now the Raiders, a team many analysts predicted playoffs or at least very close, are 30. Do you think you might regret that too?

Vic: I predicted the Raiders would stink and, so far, they do. I predicted the Vikings would be better without Moss and, so far, they aren't. Why would I regret having an opinion? Is there some kind of opinion police? I thought that was the idea of power rankings; to express an opinion. What I was attempting to express is that I have a low opinion of Randy Moss as a person. I think he's a bad locker room guy and I think it hurt the Vikings. I maintain that opinion. Some people are entertained by the sinister and the notorious. I am not.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
What do you think is the best way to handle the clock situation for the Steelers and Patriots game? Will there be any fines or just a slap on the wrist?

Vic: Mistakes happen. The Steelers aren't crying about it. They said on Monday that they didn't think the mistake had an affect on the outcome. Punishment isn't the answer to everything.

Sean from Sunnyvale, CA:
Instead of complaining about the offensive play-calling, I think Jaguars fans should be looking at the fact that the Jags have scored 55 points so far, despite only putting up three against the Colts. Personally, I'm pretty happy with the offensive production. The key to winning is getting points, right?

Vic: Through three games, the Jaguars are averaging a little over 18 points per game. That's two points per game more than they averaged last season. Yes, that's an improvement but, in my opinion, they need to get their scoring average to at least 20 before we can start talking about being "pretty happy."

Wright from Columbia, SC:
Can you clarify something for me? You put the Jets above the Ravens in your power rankings. However, your comment about the Ravens is that they should beat the Jets this Sunday. If these rankings are based on your opinion, then how can you rank the Ravens lower than the Jets if you think the Ravens should beat the Jets?

Vic: You're right. I've made the correction.

Mark from Regina, Canada:
Rodney Harrison tore his ACL, MCL and PCL. Is it safe to say at his age that his career is done?

Vic: It's a catastrophic injury. I don't think we can say he's done, but it's my inclination to believe Rodney Harrison's best days are behind him.

Shane from Inman, SC:
Maybe Pete Prisco should have your job. Jacksonville wants a high-powered offense. It's obvious you're not from Jacksonville or an exciting guy. You should move to Tennessee.

Vic: Just because I like the running game?

James from Hernando, MS:
I think it's kind of funny how Chad Johnson, the receiver for the Bengals that we face in two weeks, has a chart that says "who covered 85 in 2005." On that list is Rashean Mathis. I was wondering if you think Mathis possesses the talent to shut down or come close to shutting down Johnson?

Vic: Rashean Mathis is, in my opinion, at the highest level of cornerbacks in the league.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
We have 2,200 tickets left for the Bengals game? A nationally-televised night game against a team that will likely be 4-0 coming into Jax not sold out yet? What the heck is wrong with this town? Do you think the Bengals still have a stigma attached to them from so many losing seasons?

Vic: That's a good excuse, but I'm not accepting any more excuses. What did I say all spring and summer? Watch out for the Bengals, right?

Abe from Ypsilanti, MI:
If I ask a question for "Ask Vic" and it's not answered, should I ask again?

Vic: Yes.

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