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Osgood a faster Wilford

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
Why is it so hard for the Jags brass to understand that former season ticket holders like me are sick of the mediocre play at the QB position? As long as DG is the QB, this team will be less than average.

Vic: Why is it so hard for you to understand that quarterbacks don't grow on trees?

Ray from Nampa, ID:
In the AFC South, the Colts have the easiest schedule this upcoming season. Why is that?

Vic: Why would you say the Colts have the easiest schedule in the division? They play the same teams the Jaguars play, except for the two games against AFC East and North teams. The Colts play the champs from those two divisions, the Patriots and Bengals, whereas the Jaguars play the fourth-place teams from those two divisions, the Bills and Browns.

Mike from Kissimmee, FL:
I would always get excited when I looked at the Jaguars schedule and saw them playing the Steelers, but the past few years I have been a little disappointed. I apologize if you already covered this question, but is there any particular reason they are not facing one another the past couple of years?

Vic: The scheduling format has each division playing a designated division other than its own in each conference every year. That designation is on a rotation basis, so you are guaranteed to have played every team in your conference every three years and every team in the other conference every four years. Six of your games every year are within your own division and the remaining two games are against teams that finished in the same place in the standings as your team did in the previous season. Those two games are against two divisions in your division that have been designated on a rotation basis. This year, the Jaguars will play the fourth-place teams from the AFC East and North. Had the Steelers finished in fourth place last year, they would be on the Jaguars' schedule. If that doesn't occur, the Jaguars are only going to face the Steelers once every three years.

Joe from Fleming Island, FL:
Now that you have had a chance to sit down and talk to Kassim Osgood, what are your initial thoughts on the guy and his role here in Jacksonville?

Vic: The first thing that struck me about Osgood is that he's the same size as Ernest Wilford, therefore, Osgood is a faster version of Wilford, and that's a very good thing. Osgood really passes the eye test. He's a big, sturdy-looking guy and I'm looking forward to mini-camp to see if he runs as well as thought and if he catches the ball as well as he says he can. He's a delight to interview. He looks you right in the eye, listens and answers. He's got a lot of personality and I immediately liked him.

Thomas from Moultrie, GA:
In your article, "Osgood gets a taste of Jax," Kassim said he "wants to be the quarterback's living video game." To me, that is the crux of the problem with today's NFL. Too many players and fans think the game has to be played just like the video games. I'm fairly certain that Kassim is a good person and player or the Jaguars would not have brought him in, but what would that mindset do for him on the field of play?

Vic: I think you're reading too much into that statement. I took it as having a lot of literary value. I regard it as something an intelligent person would say in his effort to communicate what he envisions his role to be. In other words, Osgood has verbal skills, and I like that. I don't like the fact that football has become a video game for contemporary fans, but it is what it is and that's the language the fans speak. Osgood was merely speaking the language. He was saying he wants to be the button the quarterback pushes. I wish more players could communicate that dramatically.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
What do you think of Sean Lee and Daryl Washington? Would they be a good fit for us in the third or fourth rounds?

Vic: No, because they'll be long gone. I know two guys, and they are more than just guys, who think Lee is a better player than Rolando McClain. I wish the Jaguars had a second-round pick, or could move down to the bottom of round one. Lee is exactly what the Jaguars need at middle linebacker and it doesn't appear you'd have to spend a top 10 pick to get him. Washington, by the way, is also an outstanding player. You can't go wrong with either guy. This draft is loaded on defense.

Shabir from Jacksonville:
Picture this: First game of the season, fourth and one on the 50-yard line, number 15 comes off the bench and quarterback sneaks through the middle. First down, Jacksonville; the crowd roars, ticket problems solved.

Vic: You're livin' in a dream world.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
Other than ranking players, do teams ever create their own mock drafts so they can have an idea of who is most likely to be available when they pick?

Vic: Personnel guys and coaches go mock crazy at about this time of the year. I get asked all the time what I hear and who I have going to this team or that team.

Andy from Fruit Cove, FL:
What's in your golf bag these days, Vic?

Vic: This is for golf people only, so if you don't like golf, don't read it, please. I carry three woods (1-3-5), nine irons (3-SW) and an old blade putter. I'm not a hybrid guy. Brian Sexton gave me a Callaway driver he didn't want, a golf buddy assembled my fairway woods and irons, all of which are high-grade knock-offs, and I found a Feel sand wedge with low bounce on sale for a great price on one of those golf equipment sites. The face of my clubheads show a lot of wear; I like sticking with the same clubs instead of constantly buying new ones. I've started doing my own re-gripping and I have an old bag in the garage full of discarded clubs, including my old McGregor Tourney persimmon woods and the original Taylor Made "Pittsburgh Persimmon" metalwood. This will give you an idea of what a traditionalist I am: I found a great deal on forged-iron clubheads a few years ago, so I bought two boxes of heads for eight dollars a head. I had the first box of heads mounted onto 7.0 Rifle shafts. When I wore out the grooves on those heads, I had the second box of heads mounted onto a lightweight graphite shaft my buddy had bought on sale and had never used. The thing I miss most in Florida is not having a basement where you can set up a little shop to switch out heads and shafts.

Todd from St. Johns, FL:
I am intrigued by the possibility of drafting Dan Williams, however, everything I read refers to him as a prototype nose tackle, not a 4-3 defensive tackle. I would think a nose tackle could play defensive tackle with little to no adjustment. Is this true?

Vic: Yes, that's true. A nose tackle needs to be short and wide, so as to reduce the punishment on his knees by getting low enough to absorb the blows with his shoulders. There's nothing about that skill set that won't work at defensive tackle in a 4-3, however, the conventional 4-3 defensive tackle often can't make the move to nose tackle in a 3-4 because he's too tall and doesn't play low enough to get leverage he needs to hold the point against double-teams.

Matt from Jacksonville:
I just got back from the movies with seven Jag players and about 20 fans. Mike Sims-Walker tweeted that he was going to the movies and would pay for all the fans that tweeted back and confirmed. It was a great time and the players were awesome. I was wondering if you would write a story about this.

Vic: I think we just did.

Mike from North Pole, AK:
You're right again, Vic, it's the Pirates' year! Did you see that 4-3, 10-inning thriller? Holy cow! If they keep winning at this rate, no one can touch 'em! Perfect season?

Vic: They won? Are you kidding me? I got home from the radio show last night, turned on the ballgame and the first thing I noticed was that the place was packed. They drew more than 31,000 on a Wednesday night for the second game of the season, which is traditionally one of the poorest-attended games of the season. I guess the combination of 17 consecutive losing seasons and a win on opening day has created a fever. Anyhow, they were winning 3-0 in the fourth inning. They promptly allowed the game to be tied and I don't think I saw them get a hit for four innings. I've seen more pop in a Little League lineup. In the ninth, the Dodgers got a man to third base with nobody out and that's when I turned off the TV and went to bed. I muttered something like, "They still stink." Now I find out they won. How is that possible? They really do stink.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
Vicbow, if you where GM Gene, would you consider trading out of the first round completely for a few picks between 33-80?

Vic: Depending on the picks, yes, I would. In a draft this deep, the more picks the better.

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