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Patriots begin at the top


The following is Vic Ketchman's power rankings of NFL teams for week one of the 2004 regular season.

  1. New England—The unchallenged masters of the game.
  1. Philadelphia—Terrell Owens could put the Eagles over the top.
  1. Minnesota—Defense will tell the tale.
  1. Carolina—Panthers are underrated.
  1. Seattle—Holmgren finally has Seahawks in flight.
  1. Denver—Broncos have formula for success.
  1. Atlanta—Michael Vick is back.
  1. New Orleans—Saints ready to march in.
  1. Kansas City—Have Chiefs fixed defense?
  1. Baltimore—Overrated?
  1. Green Bay—Still something left in the tank.
  1. St. Louis—Rams on downside but still formidable.
  1. Buffalo—Bills could be surprise team.
  1. Jacksonville—Hopes rest with Byron Leftwich.
  1. Tennessee—Age, salary cap major obstacles.
  1. Indianapolis—Cap collapses Colts.
  1. Cincinnati—Carson Palmer era begins.
  1. Dallas—Back down to earth.
  1. Pittsburgh—When do they make the move at QB?
  1. Washington—Hype, hype, hooray!
  1. NY Jets—What's to like?
  1. Tampa Bay—Gruden's scowl scarier than Bucs offense.
  1. Houston—Time for Texans to make move up.
  1. Detroit—Awaiting signs of life.
  1. Chicago—New QB, expensive pass-rusher.
  1. Cleveland—Is Garcia really the answer?
  1. San Francisco—Not your father's 49ers.
  1. Arizona—Denny Green tries his luck at Cards.
  1. NY Giants—Tom Coughlin will make them respectable.
  1. Miami—Poor Dave Wannstedt.
  1. Oakland—Bad cap, bad team.
  1. San Diego—Another year at the top of the draft?
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