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Players will have great emotion Sunday


The following is the transcript of Tuesday's question and answer session between Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.Vic: What's more gratifying, the win over Cincinnati or the way your team played with nothing more at stake than pride?
Wayne: I think that's the big thing. It was a big morale booster. This club needed a win and these guys have played with great heart and great pride. So that was a big win for us. But it's also a big win for our fans. We all needed this one.

Vic: As an owner, do you worry with your team at 4-8 that your guys won't play as hard as if the playoffs were on the line?
Wayne: If you look back over the past, it appears at times that teams don't play with the same intensity. I don't think any of (our) guys quit. Our guys are playing with such heart and pride right now that I couldn't be more proud.

Vic:What about the revenge factor for this Sunday's game in Cleveland?
Wayne: I won't call it a revenge factor, Vic, but our guys emotionally will be up for this game. It's a little payback.

Vic:There are some interesting angles for this game. The Browns are the team that started the Jaguars' slide and if the Jaguars beat Cleveland Sunday, the Browns could fall out of the playoff picture?
Wayne: I think our guys will play with great emotion. They want this game and they want it badly.

Vic: There was anxiety last week, concerning Tom Coughlin and the job at Notre Dame. Did you think you might lose your coach?
Wayne: No, I said all along that Tom has never come to me and said he had an interest in the Notre Dame job. I think that if Tom had a real interest in it he would have done that. Tom and I have such a relationship that I believe he would have said to me that he might have some interest in that job. I was just glad to see that it was solved and settled and the media can move on.

Vic: What is your position on the R. Jay Soward situation?
Wayne: That's a difficult one. Here's a young man who obviously needs a lot of help. If we can help this young man, we will do our best, but R. Jay has to help himself. That's where we are right now.

Vic:Have you had conversations with him?
Wayne: Yes.

Vic: Some think Mark Brunell is having the best season of his career. What are your thoughts on that?
Wayne: I was at a function last night and one of our great football fans in the community, I won't mention his name, but he's an ex-quarterback from a major university, came up to me and couldn't say enough about Mark Brunell's play. It was interesting because when I first came to the city and traded for Mark Brunell, he was one of the guys who was not a big Mark Brunell fan. Now he thinks Mark is one of the great quarterbacks. Clearly, Mark has played brilliantly down the stretch. He's made the difference. Hopefully, we can continue that kind of play and put a string of wins together to finish this season up on a positive note.

Vic: Are you glad you struck a new deal with him?
Wayne: Absolutely.

Vic:The season is nearing its conclusion. Are you beginning to get an idea of what you will have to do with your salary cap during the offseason?
Wayne: I've been consistent in that we have some very difficult decisions to make. Obviously, we are looking at all of the possible options. So it's an ongoing process and a working process. We are spending a lot of time with our salary cap people; getting Tom and his people involved. So it's going to be an interesting and difficult offseason.

Vic:If there's a key word that would describe your upcoming cap strategy, what would it be?*Wayne: Difficult.*

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