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Preseason next for Jags


All of the subject matter has been covered, right down to how to run out onto the field and where to stand for the national anthem, which were two of the lessons in today's mock game. What's next for the Jaguars? Progress and the preseason would be the answers.

Head coach Jack Del Rio took the high road in his remarks to the media following the teal team's 9-3 win over the white team in the mock game. Though it was a no-pads affair, defense remained the dominant force. The only touchdown was the result of a David Garrard pass that was deflected into tight end George Wrighster's hands. The two field goals were Del Rio gimmes, one of which would've been from 52 yards.

"The purpose of the drill was to work on mechanics and that was very good. I was pleased with the game-day mechanics," Del Rio said, referring to items such as sideline-to-huddle communications.

"No significant injuries, no holdouts and a whole lot of good, hard work," Del Rio added in capsule description of the Jaguars' first week of training camp.

If there's been one aspect of training camp the Jaguars want to change in the coming week, especially in the team's preseason-opener next Saturday in Miami, it's the performance of its passing game. Clearly, it is struggling, and that was never more apparent than it was in the mock game.

Byron Leftwich was intercepted by linebacker Jimmy McClain and by cornerback Blue Adams, Quinn Gray was picked off in the end zone by cornerback Dewayne Washington, and Doug Johnson had a pass stolen by linebacker Greg Favors. Garrard was the only quarterback not to suffer an interception, but Garrard's unit didn't exactly cut through the defense, either.

First-round draft choice Reggie Williams caught a couple of passes early but dropped a couple later. Williams was the third receiver with the first unit and was on the field with Jimmy Smith and Troy Edwards on a few occasions.

"He's picking up the offense. Missing the offseason puts him in a catch-up mode. He'll catch the ball more effectively for us. He's clearly competing with Troy Edwards for the number two spot," Del Rio said of Williams.

On the injury front, running back LaBrandon Toefield will miss time due to a sprained ankle he suffered in Friday night's scrimmage. The state of third-round pick Jorge Cordova's quad injury remains unchanged.

"The guys are a little worn down now," Del Rio said.

Sunday will be a day of rest. The Jaguars will return to the practice field on Monday for 10:30 a.m. and seven p.m. workouts.

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