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Preseason schedule set


(April 6)—It's becoming a Florida preseason thing.

For the second consecutive year, the Jaguars will play the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Bucs in the preseason. Last year, the Jaguars beat the Dolphins and lost to the Bucs in the preseason, then lost to the Dolphins and beat the Bucs in the regular season. This year, the Jaguars will play neither the Dolphins nor the Bucs in the regular season, giving extra meaning to the two preseason games.

The Jaguars will open their 2004 preseason schedule on Sat., Aug. 14, with a game in Miami at seven p.m. A week later, the Jaguars will host the Bucs at Alltel Stadium, in a seven p.m. kickoff on Aug. 21.

Those games represent the first half of what might be the most attractive preseason schedule in Jaguars history. The Jaguars will host Green Bay on Fri., Aug. 27, at eight p.m., and the preseason will close on Wed., Sept. 1, when the Jaguars travel to New England to play the Patriots; kickoff at eight p.m.

The Miami and New England games will be televised live on CBS-47, WTEV-TV in Jacksonville, and are also expected to be televised in Orlando, Gainesville and Savannah, Ga.

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