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Preseason will define TE

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Lou from Jacksonville:
After observing training camp for four days, it appears the tight end position can be very competitive. In my opinion, although Kyle Brady is a solid blocker, the Jaguars have three other guys who would be much less expensive and can be more than adequate replacements for Brady. Do you believe the Jags may cut Brady and what are the salary cap ramifications if they do?

Vic: Let's allow the preseason to play out before we make decisions on the depth at tight end. There's plenty of time before the hard decisions have to be made. As far as salary cap savings on Kyle Brady: He's a $5.2 million hit on the Jaguars' salary cap this year. His salary is $3 million and his remaining amortization is $3.3 million. If the Jaguars released him, he would be a $2.2 million "dead money" hit this year and a $1.1 million "dead money" hit in 2004. So, if the Jaguars released Brady they would save $3 million on their cap this year.

Wes from Jacksonville:
With Byron Leftwich and the Jaguars actively involved in contract negotiations, is it for personal reasons Leftwich doesn't participate in training camp, or is it because of league rules?

Vic: The league requires all players to have signed a contract before they report to training camp.

Joshua from Jacksonville:
I've been reading your column for over a year now (or at least it feels that way). Here's my question: My friends and NFL gurus have been saying Brunell can't learn the offense with a new coach, new receivers, etc., and he's too old. Obviously, his age is a factor, but wouldn't the "West Coast offense" be easier for him than some others? Your views?

Vic: It should be perfect for him.

Jon-Michael from Starke, FL:
Have you been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame? If you have, is it a good experience? I would like to visit the Hall but don't know if it is worth it?

Vic: I've visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame on several occasions and I consider it to be well worth the price of admission. It's a great destination and it gets better all of the time. Of course, it was within driving distance for me.

Scott from Columbus, OH:
I have an opinion question for you. Aside from quarterbacks who possess both great stats and rings (Elway and Montana), do you favor stat quarterbacks, such as Fouts, Moon and Marino, over quarterbacks with rings, such as Bradshaw, Starr and Simms, when evaluating all-time great quarterbacks?

Vic: I don't spend a lot of time drawing lines in the sand between this great quarterback and that great quarterback. They each have their own special place in NFL history. For example, nobody made it look easier than Dan Marino, and nobody was better in the postseason than Terry Bradshaw, and nobody got more out of their ability and offered more leadership than Bart Starr. As far as Dan Fouts and Warren Moon, I consider them to be a significant notch beneath Marino, Bradshaw and Starr. What I'm trying to say is I don't have to weigh trophies and stats against each other. My opinions were formed as I watched the great quarterbacks play, and that's how I remember them. Memories shouldn't be replaced by facts and figures.

Jim from Jacksonville: :
Who really drives the decision to hold out, the player or the agent? In the case of Leftwich, I figure the agent talked the player into it, since Leftwich insisted he wouldn't be a training camp holdout.

Vic: The player entrusts his financial future to his agent, who is rewarded handsomely for providing the proper advice. The player can always act against his agent's advice, but, then why have an agent?

Rick from St Marys, GA:
After a week of training camp I would like to know who has impressed you among our rookies and no-name players. Other than Leander Jordan and Rashean Mathis, are any of them looking like they may be significant gameday contributors in a role other than special teams?

Vic: Third-round pick Vince Manuwai is currently the number one left guard, which would indicate he's poised to make a significant contribution this year. Journeyman defensive end Lionel Barnes has done some good things. Here's a longshot: Rookie running back Joe Smith from Louisiana Tech is a powerful guy who's made it onto my "watch list," though I don't expect Smith to be competing for anything more than a roster spot. I think Darryl Terrell could be a surprise swingman on the offensive line. I expect more names to surface. Maybe some already have and I've missed them.

James from Jacksonville:
Where do I go to read "Vic's view."

Vic: It's on the front page right now. You may read archived "Vic's view" columns by clicking on "News," then scrolling down to "Vic's view."

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