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Quarterbacks ready for action

The top two quarterbacks in the NFL Europe League will go head to head on Saturday in World Bowl IX and Jonathan Quinn (Berlin Thunder) and Jarious Jackson (Barcelona Dragons) are excited about the upcoming game in Amsterdam.

Jacksonville Jaguar Quinn finished the regular season with a 95.3 passer rating, while Jackson, allocated by the Denver Broncos compiled a 85.9 rating.

Both men are expected to play key roles in what could be one of the most exciting World Bowls in NFL Europe League history.

Jackson, who takes the league-leading Dragons into battle, said: "This is a big game for all of us. We really came together as a team this season and now we have to go out and win this game.

"We had the best record at 8-2 and the Thunder finished 6-4 - but records go out of the window during championship games. It's just going to be two teams going at it in a game with a lot more hype than usual.

"It should be a great game for both teams and the fans in the Amsterdam Arena."

Quinn led NFL Europe with 2,257 passing yards and 24 touchdowns during the regular season. He ended the year with a hot hand as he threw 9 touchdown passes in the final two games of the season. Berlin enters the World Bowl on the back of two big wins against the Amsterdam Admirals.

"We have played pretty well just lately," Quinn said. "You can't do it alone on offense, defense or special teams - this has been a total team effort.

"Ever since we got blown out in Barcelona our team has really come together and our defense has been playing real well. Offensively, we have really been clicking but they are the number one team in the league right now and we have to respect that."

Both Jackson and Quinn have benefited from their time in NFL Europe and were quick to point out how much the spring league has helped improve their games.

Quinn said: "Playing time is the number one learning tool for a young player and there's no better way to gain experience than to play the game.

"I have learned a lot in NFL Europe and it has been very beneficial for me. I've learned about reading defenses and running an offense in different situations.

"You don't get hit running the scout team but you can learn to feel the rush while playing in games. One of the things Jacksonville wanted me to work on was my release. Well, if you keep getting smashed in the mouth you're going to get rid of the ball quicker.

"I've benefited immensely from being over here - all the points Jacksonville wanted me to learn and get better on, I feel I have done in some way."

Jackson echoed Quinn's statements and added: "This has definitely helped me gain a lot of confidence. You get some snaps in practice but it's nothing like being in a game.

"This experience has made me a much better player in all aspects of the game - playing and shaking some of the cobwebs off, reading defenses, getting into good habits and watching film.

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