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Quick Thoughts on Jaguars 'Eye Opening' Loss to the 49ers in Week 10

Quick Thoughts (postgame)- Week 10

JACKSONVILLE – Senior writer John Oehser, senior correspondent Brian Sexton and team reporter Kainani Stevens offer quick thoughts on the Jaguars’ 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in a 2023 Week 10 game at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville Sunday

John Oehser, Jaguars Senior Writer…

  1. This was rough from the start. The Jaguars' offense has struggled with consistency and situations much of the season. On Sunday, the struggles were everywhere. They started with the offensive line allowing significant pressure on quarterback Trevor Lawrence throughout the first half, pressure that set the tone for the game and resulted in Lawrence being sacked five times. The Jaguars' recent trend of giveaways continued, too, with two lost fumbles and two interceptions sapping any signs of momentum – and any hopes of a comeback. One bad day doesn't end a season. Neither does one bad offensive performance. But for those who were concerned in recent weeks about the Jaguars' offense – particularly parts of the offensive line – this day seemed evidence of a unit that needs to fix issues. This was a rough effort from the start that never got significantly better.
  2. Giveaway day (again). This repeats a bit of Quick Thought No. 1, but it bears repeating that the Jaguars trend of giveaways continued in a big way Sunday. The Jaguars now have (17) giveaways this season, including seven in the last two games. A striking statistic of their five-game winning streak that ended Sunday was they had won despite committing eight turnovers in that span. That's a dangerous edge to approach in the NFL and the 49ers were more than good enough to push the Jaguars off that edge Sunday. The Jaguars this season have committed a turnover in all but one game. "It flat-out can't happen," Head Coach Doug Pederson said of Sunday's four giveaways. What shouldn't be forgotten in the aftermath of Sunday's loss is that the Jaguars are still 6-3. They have beaten good teams this season. They still lead the AFC South and are more than capable of winning the division to get into – and into good position in – the postseason. But of multiple areas of focus exiting last week's bye, turnovers appeared perhaps the biggest issue to fix. For the Jaguars to get where they want to go, the issue must get fixed soon.

Brian Sexton, Jaguars Senior Correspondent …

  1. Knocked out. The 49ers delivered a series of body blows on the game's first two drives and the Jaguars never recovered. Quarterback Brock Purdy could do whatever he wanted, including a hook-shot of a desperation heave from a shrinking pocket that tight end George Kittle caught over linebacker Devin Lloyd and turned into a 66-yard touchdown. Everything 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan dialed up was gold. The Jaguars meanwhile had no answers and offered little resistance. The offense offered up four turnovers, which is bad enough, but to fumble inside the red zone with a chance to pull within ten points is hard to swallow. I didn't anticipate the Jaguars' poorest performance of the season coming at home out of the bye week in a game that was considered a measuring stick. They're going to have some tough questions to answer, not only to the media but to one another in the meeting rooms tomorrow when they suffer through watching this one. Maybe they can find the same inspiration that the Dallas Cowboys did when the 49ers took them apart in October? Here's hoping.
  2. Wounded. I'm not surprised by the pressure the 49ers brought against Lawrence, who had no time to set his feet Sunday let alone throw. The 49ers have a dominant defensive front and they attacked with reckless abandon. I hoped that this version of the offensive line would fare somewhat better than earlier versions this season; this is, after all, the group they planned to have when the season started. It will probably play better against lesser defensive lines and likely perform at a much higher level in weeks to come, but it's a huge question mark now. The offense was a no-show Sunday because the Jaguars couldn't protect the quarterback, or the football, and it cost them dearly. There was some confidence that the offense would eventually find its way onto the tracks and start rolling, but as of this moment, it looks totally derailed.

Kainani Stevens, Jaguars Team Reporter/Producer ...

  1. Cold dose of reality. The Jaguars were entirely outclassed on both sides of the ball Sunday afternoon. More than half the country had Jaguars versus 49ers as their 1 p.m. game on FOX, then the Jags suffered a brutal loss on a national stage. In a game that was supposed to send a message, the Jaguars looked like they didn't even know which way was up. It's a stark difference from the smart and opportunistic team we had seen over the last six weeks. This team must take this as a hard reset moment for their season.
  2. Creeping back. You can learn a lot about a team during a loss. Being defeated by a good San Francisco team isn't the end of the world, but the morale of the team seemed to take a knock Sunday. Avoidable mistakes and hustle plays started to creep back into the mix. The lack of awareness and after wide receiver Christian Kirk's fumble in the red zone. Lawrence missing open receivers. Missed tackles on defense. "The NFL can humble you," inside linebacker Foye Oluokun said late Sunday. On Sunday, the Jaguars were humbled.

A cloudy afternoon in Duval County ☁️ View in game action shots of the Jaguars vs. 49ers matchup.

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