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Red flag for reporters

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ed from Jacksonville:
This may be a stupid question, but why do the Jags and other teams have to wait 24 hours to sign cut players to the practice squad when those players are eligible to be signed by any other team at anytime anyway?

Vic: Your "anytime" assumption is incorrect. All teams must wait for the waiver process to expire. That process requires 24 hours, which is the allotted time a team may put in a claim for a player who has been waived. If after that 24-hour period a waived player hasn't been claimed, that player may be signed to any team's practice squad; at that point he's a free agent. That's what happened with Quinn Gray, Brett Romberg, David Allen and Chris Brown. Twenty-four hours after they were cut by the Jaguars, they had cleared the league's waiver process and were signed by the Jaguars to the team's practice squad.

Rob from St. Augustine, FL:
I don't get how our run-defense is doing so poorly so far. The addition of Peterson and Douglas should help, and Stroud and Henderson are one of the best (defensive tackle tandems). What are we missing in our run-defense? I hope it's not desire.

Vic: I'm as puzzled as you are. You have to believe that when you spend the ninth and 13th picks of consecutive drafts on defensive tackles, and you spend $4 million in signing bonus on a middle linebacker, you're going to at least stop the run. But heading into the final preseason game of the summer, the Jaguars were 25th in the league against the run, which is exactly what they were last season. Let's start with this: It was just the preseason and reserves had much to do with that disappointing run-defense stat. But I'll end this way: Jack Del Rio has promised, "We will stop the run," and the guy obviously knows how to do it, so, if the Jaguars don't improve significantly against the run this season, I'm going to point the finger at players, not coaches.

Jim from Greenville, NC:
I came to this site to get information on David Garrard. I kept coming back because it is very good. Could you tell me, just what is a quality control coach? Do all teams have them?

Vic: It's a relatively new position that affords young, aspiring coaches an opportunity to ease themselves into the league's coaching ranks. Quality control guys (usually there's one each for offense and defense) assist the offensive and defensive staffs with stuff such as schedules, video tape, etc. They are assistants to the assistants and most teams have them.

Roland from Jacksonville:
Am I totally disillusional or am I the only one in America seeing a much-improved team from last year. We had a lot of close games last year we could've won. I know the AFC is tough right now but why is the national media putting us worse than the Texans? Am I blinded by fandom to see common sense or are reporters writing this stuff because they're not following close enough?

Vic: There's nothing wrong with being a fan or having a fan's opinion. But what if you weren't a fan? We're talking about a team with 26 new faces on its roster; six more than the Jaguars had in 1996, the year following the team's inaugural season. You see, that's a real red flag for reporters who don't follow the team closely enough to know that each of those 26 new faces will one day be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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