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Scott wants to be pushed


Darnay Scott welcomes Tom Coughlin's demanding ways, sort of.

"I'd like him to stay on me the way he is. It pushes me. I have to adjust to him," Scott said playfully during an interview following practice today.

Scott came to Jacksonville unprepared for Coughlin's ways. Sure, Scott had heard the stories, but they didn't sink in until he witnessed Coughlin's practice-field intensity first-hand.

"There's nothing wrong with T.C. He's that militaristic type of person. My dad was mean," Scott said with a smile.

He was in a mood to banter with reporters. Scott is one of those high-energy, loose-lips types who make for controversial newspaper copy, but have the talent to grab the right kind of headlines on Sundays. The guy always has been and, the Jaguars believe, still is a pretty good wide receiver. They certainly hope he still is because they need him.

"In Cincinnati we were laid back, which was probably why we didn't win no damn games," Scott said. "I'm getting used to these boys now. I don't have any complaints about it."

Scott played for three coaches in his eight-year Bengals career. Neither David Shula, Bruce Coslet nor Dick LeBeau fit into the taskmaster category to which Coughlin belongs. In fact, Scott talked openly about dogging it in practice.

"Practice is practice. In some areas you don't need to run as hard as you do in the game. The veterans taught me like that," he said.

Now, he's learning a new way; the Coughlin way.

"It's real different for me. I do everything I'm supposed to do," Scott said. "It's not about me liking him; it's about him liking me. I'm the new guy on the team," he added.

Scott has battled a shoulder injury through training camp. He continues to re-injure the shoulder by falling on it and Coughlin has suggested Scott find a new way of falling.

"It's real frustrating because I feel like I can't get going. I think if you let it sit it'll heal up on its own," Scott said.

He also believes the Jaguars' slump-ridden passing game will come to life as soon as it gets a full game's worth of action, and that he'll catch enough passes in the games to justify his combative personality.

"That's what I'm going to do," he said of avoiding trips up the hallway to Coughlin's office. "If I have to catch balls for him to stay at his end (of the hall) and for me to stay at my end, that's what I'm going to do," he added, smiling.

Shoulder willing, Scott may get a chance to catch some passes Thursday night in the preseason finale against Dallas.

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