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Smith is latest Jags DPR


Finding information on Brian Smith is rather difficult, but the Jaguars did their homework and made Smith their choice with the second of two fourth-round picks on Sunday.

Smith is the all-time Missouri sacks record-holder with 31.5, but he's missing from draft books and the NFL didn't even have a bio prepared on the defensive end/linebacker. Why not?

Well, a broken hip ended his college career in game seven of last year. The injury was serious enough that it took Smith off a lot of teams' boards, but the Jaguars worked out Smith and liked what they saw. He is the latest in what has become an annual line of DPR (designated pass-rusher) draft picks. Jorge Cordova and Brent Hawkins are also DPR types.

The Jaguars obviously selected Smith because of the pass-rush potential he offers; that's how important pass-rushers are in today's game. The lightning-in-a-bottle quality of this pick further explains the Jaguars' trade-back maneuvers on Saturday.

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