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Stroud vows reform


Jaguars players began the process of recovery on Monday. One player, defensive tackle Marcus Stroud, may need extra time.

"He's (angry)," running back Fred Taylor said of Stroud. "He might put you on a piece of bread and eat you right now."

Over in a corner of the Jaguars locker room, Stroud entertained reporters in a low tone of voice. The question didn't really have to be asked. When you surrender a franchise-worst 282 yards rushing, you know what's coming.

"We didn't fit well," Stroud said, referring to gap assignments in the Jaguars' defensive strategy. "It's plain and simple. If one person is out of place; we didn't do what we're supposed to do."

The failure to play run-defense according to plan resulted in a proud defense's greatest embarrassment. It was especially true for Stroud, a two-time Pro-Bowl defensive tackle and one half of the two cornerstones on which the Jaguars defense is built. The other cornerstone, of course, is defensive tackle John Henderson.

"This week, we'll get our technique proper, get a chip on our shoulder and try to punish someone. We won't have another performance like that," Stroud promised.

The day ended with some good news: Kicker Josh Scobee told reporters that his leg injury is not as severe as first expected. Scobee wouldn't even rule himself out for this Sunday's game against Atlanta.

"Who knows how much time it'll take? Wednesday or Thursday, I'll swing my leg and see how it feels," Scobee said.

Scobee sustained a quad strain in pregame warm-ups while attempting a kick from 48 yards.

"I put a little more into it and hit the ground a foot behind the ball and the earth didn't give," Scobee said.

The Jaguars are expected to work out a trio or more of kickers on Tuesday before making a roster decision.

"I want to play, but it's hard to say anything right now. I don't have to be 100 percent to play," Scobee said.

Scobee booted a 22-yard field goal in Sunday's 13-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans, but he was unable to kick beyond 25 yards. As a result, on a fourth-and-10 play in the third quarter, head coach Jack Del Rio had the offense go for a first down instead of having Scobee attempt what would've been a 36-yard field goal. The play failed to produce a first down.

How long might he be out? A few weeks?

"I hope not a few weeks. I'll be really upset if it's that long," Scobee added. He explained that an MRI exam on Sunday night diagnosed the injury as a strain, not a tear.

Taylor spoke of the team's state of mind.

"The first thing we're going to do is forget about yesterday. The tape shows some good things," Taylor said.

"I think David (Garrard) played solid. He didn't make any mistakes. He stood in there; he took a couple of hits. We could've helped him a little bit more," Taylor said, referring to the Jaguars' starting quarterback.

Taylor said the Jaguars' problem was not the result of a lack of conditioning. "Not at all. Sunday will be a different ballgame," he added.

Garrard gave the Jaguars a 7-3 lead in the first quarter when he hit rookie wide receiver John Broussard with a beautiful, 47-yard touchdown pass. It is the biggest play of Garrard's six-year career to date.

"It was a great, great feeling to be able to throw a bomb like that. I've always been questioned on my deep throws. We had to take what the defense was giving us. After that, they weren't going to allow us to throw deep any more," Garrard said.

Whatever healing the Jaguars need, they better hurry because an even more important game is just six days away. Already, the Jaguars have their backs to the wall.

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