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T.O. in Jacksonville?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Cole from Jacksonville:
The response to the stand up question is an example of why I have been a loyal reader for so many years. I was literally cracking up at my desk. Any thoughts on what LeBron should do?

Vic: A guy on TV said that if LeBron James wants the money, then he'll stay in Cleveland because the NBA salary cap rules will allow the Cavaliers to pay him the most. So why wouldn't LeBron want the money? Why wouldn't he stay right in his hometown, where he could get the most money and become the most beloved sports figure in northeast Ohio history? That's what I'd do.

Scott from Boise, ID:
There's an Abner Doubleday for baseball and a Joe Naismith for basketball. Why is there no known founder of football?

Vic: American football evolved. It wasn't created by one man, it was created by a lot of men. There is one man, Walter Camp, who is known as the "Father of American Football." Look him up and read about him. Look up these guys, too: Amos Alonzo Stagg, Pop Warner, George Halas, Paul Brown, Sid Gillman. They were all football pioneers, in one way or another.

Cody from St. Simons Island, GA:
I've been reading your column since I was 16. I can remember a few times when you said the youth that grew up with the Jags are the future of selling tickets for the franchise. I'm happy to say I'm one of those kids from that generation and I will be buying season tickets as soon as I pick where I want to sit. Thank you for all that you've done for the franchise.

Vic: We've been waiting for you.

Atul from Jacksonville:
Off the top of your head, can you name all the teams in the league that don't have cheerleaders?

Vic: Other than for the Steelers and Giants, I can't say for sure who does or who doesn't have cheerleaders. I missed the game in Cleveland last year but I doubt that the Browns have cheerleaders because they never have. You never know with them – it could change – but there's no chance the Steelers or Giants will ever have cheerleaders, as long as the Rooneys and Maras own those two teams.

Mike from Fort Worth, TX:
I was reading an article on how often pass-rushers turn into busts at the NFL level, but pass-blockers seem to be can't-miss picks. Why is it that pass-rushers struggle coming into the NFL, even against the same tackles they were successful against in college?

Vic: The speed of the NFL game is like nothing they had ever seen in college. I read recently that one of the top tackle picks in this year's draft commented from his mini-camp that he learned very quickly about the speed of play in the NFL when the defensive end he was supposed to block was past him before the tackle could get out of his stance. That's why evaluating left tackles is all about grading their feet. They've got to be big, powerful men who have light feet. It takes some time to get accustomed to the speed of the NFL, but once they get it, they settle into long, productive careers. I think Eugene Monroe will be a perfect example of what I'm saying.

John from Tallahassee, FL:
I'm really kind of disgusted with this self-righteous stance you and others in the media have taken on the Cushing story. I understand it's because you are old-school guys but you need to do your best to understand that the game has changed. My generation does not care about steroids. The better that PED testing gets, the better the athletes will get at beating the tests.

Vic: Now there's an attitude I can respect. Even though it's against the rules, and even though the players have helped write the rules and have agreed to abide by them, they will secretly conspire to defeat them. Are you speaking for your entire generation? I hope not.

Jeremy from Portsmouth, OH:
Don't you think an improved pass-rush will help with the issues the Jags had at safety last year? Not excusing the poor tackling, but wouldn't anyone be a better pass-defender if someone was forcing the QB to make poor decisions?

Vic: Not excusing the poor tackling is like not excusing the millions of gallons of oil that have poured into the Gulf of Mexico. Jeremy, tackling is a big part of playing safety and the pass-rush has nothing to do with how a safety tackles. If you can't tackle, you can't play safety, and if you can't drill safely, you can't be allowed to drill. It's just that simple.

Aaron from Washington, DC:
With Alex Smith's career at a crossroads, I'd love to get your thoughts about him when he was originally drafted and whether or not you still think he has a potential NFL career should he leave San Francisco.

Vic: I saw him in a bowl game in his last year at Utah and he looked like a dink and dunk, system quarterback. The next time I saw him was late in his rookie year with the 49ers, when they played in Jacksonville, and I was stunned at what a weak-looking arm he had. This past season, he looked much better. Against the Jaguars, I thought Smith showed promise, but there's just not enough talent there to justify continuing the commitment. They need to find someone better, if they're to take the step to the next level. I love their draft class and I think the 49ers are getting close, but Smith has the look of "just a guy."

Jon from Tallahassee, FL:
McGwire, Bonds, Palmeiro, Canseco, etc. are most likely never going to be in the Hall of Fame. Cushing gets caught using PEDs and is rewarded with winning DROY twice.

Vic: This is not the "Golden Age of Sports." The issue of performance-enhancing drugs is a huge threat to the integrity of all athletic competition. The great thing the NFL has going for it is the cooperation of the players union in the detection and outlawing of it. I think every player would agree that the technology for detecting PED use needs to be equal to advances in masking it.

Randy from Oxford, PA:
Tebow in the Pro Bowl? Someone needs to remind Alan that Tebow didn't look like he belonged in the Senior Bowl.

Vic: That's a pretty good line.

Nathan from Richmond, VA:
It constantly amazes me how many sins a great quarterback can cover up. Take, for example, Indianapolis. Their 2005 first-round selection now plays with another team after five years with only one year of playing in all 16 games. Their 2006 first-round selection has not had a thousand yards rushing in a season in two years, and his replacement was likely drafted in 2009. Their 2007 first-round selection has never had 700 yards receiving in any season and only played in one game in 2009. Their 2008 first-rounder has never started a full season and has initiated shuffling along their offensive line, and their 2009 first-round selection didn't even crack 500 yards of production. But the team has been to the playoffs every year since 2002. If GM Gene can collect an elite-level quarterback, it would seem that his job would be a lot easier.

Vic: Peyton Manning would make any team better, in the regular season, of course.

Mike from Kissimmee, FL:
So the Browns turn down T.O. and Jason La Canfora ("NFL Network" insider) believes he would be a possible fit in Jacksonville. Your thoughts on this, Vic?

Vic: Wow! T.O. in Jacksonville? Did he say when that'll happen, because I wanna make sure I'm not on vacation that day. Keep me posted on this, please.

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