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Texans are team on the rise

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Richard from Des Moines, IA:
With all the free agent activity, who does Jacksonville have to worry about the most in their division?

Vic: Tennessee has done a great job of staying on top despite a threatening salary cap situation. But I remain doubtful they can out-run the cap. They continue to lose players, and Eddie George is clearly not the player he was. Indianapolis' fix on defense last season was a mirage. When it counted late in the season, the Colts' defense reverted to its old form. It is soft, lost its leading tackler to the Jaguars, and it's not likely what needs to be fixed can be accomplished with one more draft class. Then, what about Peyton Manning? He just doesn't get it done. Although I'm not crazy about a lot of the Texans' personnel moves and draft choices, and the fact they've clearly squandered major chunks of their salary cap, they have a star quarterback for the future and more high picks on the way. I think Houston clearly is on the rise, whereas I can't say that about Tennessee and Indianapolis, and Jacksonville will have to prove it to me next season.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
We hear about owners and coaches being on various influential committees in the league. What determines who is on what committee? And why isn't Weaver on the competition committee?

Vic: In 2003, Wayne Weaver will sit on the Finance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Business Ventures Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee. The Competition Committee is usually reserved for owners and coaches whose roots are clearly tied to the mechanics of the game. Paul Brown, Don Shula, etc. are former Competition Committee types.

Scherer from Snyder, NE:
My question once again relates to the coveted draft that I love so much. I do completely understand and believe in drafting the best player available and, frankly, I would love to see anybody come to this team who can help them. My question is about trading up or down. I know this is a type of a draft-day question depending on who is picked already, but could you see the Jaguars trading up and, if so, who would they give up in the trade. If they were to get an offer to trade their pick down, which I would hate to see, how far do you think would be the farthest they would want to drop?

Vic: The Jaguars don't have enough stash to trade up in the first round. Trading down is a real possibility, since there are a number of teams (Saints, for example) who have multiple first-round picks and would like to package those picks to move up. It might be attractive to the Jaguars, who have many needs in a draft that offers depth at positions of significant need. How far down? Probably not much below the middle of the first round.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
Let's say the Jags have a final-season record of 6-10 with all six wins coming from the AFC South (Titans, Colts and Texans) and the Titans finish up at 10-6 with all six losses coming from the AFC South. Assuming the other two teams in our division are 2-14, why would the Titans win the division? Obviously they would have a better overall record, but how could they take the division without even winning a division game?

Vic: Because that's the rules.

Michael from Burke, VA:
Since you have always stressed choosing the best player available in the draft, who in your opinion is the best player in the draft?

Vic: Terence Newman, but his age could make him fall.

Clay from Jacksonville:
What was the best compensatory pick given to a team this year? Who didthey lose to earn it?

Vic: Philadelphia received the NFL's highest compensatory pick; a fourth-round choice that sits one pick ahead of the Jaguars. The award was the result of having lost Jeremiah Trotter, Mike Caldwell, Bubba Miller and Jim Pyne, and having signed Shawn Barber. The compensatory award was based most strongly on the loss of Trotter to the Redskins.

Ryan from Gautier, MS:
I recently read an article saying the Jaguars were close to a deal with Jason Sehorn right before they signed Hugh Douglas. Are the Jaguars still interested in signing Sehorn?

Vic: The Jaguars are interested in Jason Sehorn, but clearly at their price and probably with the understanding Sehorn would move to safety.

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