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The 'Anderson theory'

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dane from Melbourne, Australia:
I took the bait and researched Tommy Lasorda's rant on Kingman. What an unbelievable answer to a simple question, though it's great to hear an answer given that's from the heart. Thank you for once again expanding my knowledge of sport.

Vic: You're welcome, but I'd also like to expand your sense of humor. Lasorda wasn't speaking from the heart, he was just having some fun with the reporters. Coaches used to do that, but now they can't because any kind of comment that could be harmful to a coach almost certainly will be. The Bill Cowher fake punch in the 1997 game is the perfect example. It was playful; that's all. To this day, however, I hear fans giggle with excitement about how Cowher nearly punched Hudson. Everybody, please, lighten up.

Phil from London, UK:
Just like to say, as an avid Jags fan in the UK, this column is a great read. Keep it up. Anyway, I was just wondering, once the Super Bowl is done and dusted, do you think the Jaguars will be targeting anyone specifically in the offseason for a trade? Although it's easier said than done, I'd love to see a number one receiver-type guy, someone like Brandon Marshall. I mean, with his strained relationship with McDaniels, could you see a potential steal there?

Vic: There isn't a lot of things in life I can say, with assurance, won't happen, but this is one of them. Write it down: The Jaguars will not trade for Marshall. Who knows? Maybe I'll be wrong.

Greg from Jacksonville:
In your opinion, is the upcoming draft deep enough to warrant trading away some veterans to get more picks?

Vic: I support acquiring more draft picks.

George from London, ON:
You take guys with high floors in the high rounds and high ceilings in the late ones. Not sure where I heard the "house" theory, but it made sense to me. Is that just restating Gene's theory or am I way off base?

Vic: I understand the concept. It's meant to prevent busts early in the money rounds and increase the potential for hitting a home run in the late rounds when money isn't a factor. It makes sense except for this: Who's going to play special teams? I don't think it's Gene Smith's philosophy. Gene is a rank 'em and pick 'em guy.

Eric from British Columbia, Canada:
Judging by the final standings, the AFC South is once again the strongest division. Your thoughts?

Vic: You can play with numbers to build any case you want for any stance you want to take, but the bottom line is that the AFC South only has one team in the playoffs and hasn't won a playoff game since the 2007 wild-card round. Since '07, the AFC South is 1-5 in the postseason. The Colts, again, are carrying the division's banner in this year's playoffs. If they win the AFC title, then I would agree that the AFC South is the strongest division in the NFL, but I have to start seeing some playoff wins before I do that.

Dan from Jacksonville:
Aside from the Jags, what other teams' arrows are pointing up significantly for next season?

Vic: I am especially fond of what's happening in Miami. Watch out for the Dolphins. The Falcons took a little step back, but that was also mostly due to having a significantly more difficult schedule. They'll fix their defense in the offseason and then watch out for the Falcons in 2010. I like the way Carolina played at the end of the year. They just have to find a quarterback. Houston, clearly, is ready to explode. Matt Schaub is becoming a dominant quarterback and the manner in which the Texans acquired him should serve as an example for what the Panthers need to do in this offseason. The 49ers are an intriguing team. They're close.

George from Harrisburg, PA:
Who are the Jags' opponents for next year?

Vic: In addition to the three AFC South opponents home and away, the Jaguars will play at home against the Broncos, Raiders, Eagles, Redskins and Browns, and on the road against the Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, Giants and Bills.

Rashaad from Jacksonville:
Would Joe Haden at Florida be a good fit for our defense?

Vic: He'd be a good fit for any defense.

Derek from Fleming Island, FL:
I agree with your expectations theory. The only real expectations Jags fans should have this whole offseason is a sold out stadium for next year. If you trust in GM Gene, then let him worry about how the team is going to be. We need to worry about getting butts in those seats before it's too late.

Vic: It is the number one issue confronting this team and the fans are in complete control of it.

Greg from Jacksonville:
Is it too early for you to have your BAP list?

Vic: It's way too early. The combine doesn't start until Feb. 24. Don't expect any lists until after the combine ends on March 2.

Richard from St. Johns, FL:
The coordinators may be filled with knowledge, but that obviously doesn't extend to teaching, so you're wrong in your comment to John. You are so freakin' blind to being such an (bleep) I could kick myself for ever coming back to this piece of (bleep) column. Please bring back "Ask Jeff." At least the guy knows a little about football and is not just a crabby, washed up prune.

Vic: Now, we're talkin'.

Matt from Monterey, CA:
I know there are restrictions as to when a team can practice in the offseason. Can a team that has been eliminated from the playoffs continue practicing until the Super Bowl?

Vic: No, they can't. The CBA specifically provides for when and how many times teams may practice in the offseason. The next on-field practice won't occur until after the offseason conditioning/mini-camp/OTA period begins.

Jeff from Little Rock, AR:
As a coach, it makes no sense to be able to humble me with your knowledge if you cannot produce on the field.

Vic: Coaches don't produce on the field, players do. I call it the "Ken Anderson theory." Ken was harshly criticized for the Jaguars' failures at quarterback when he was the Jaguars' quarterbacks coach. He then went to the Steelers where he won a Super Bowl and set team records. Wadda ya think made the difference?

Tom from St. Augustine, FL:
A lot of NFL people had questions about Drew Brees' height and arm strength and some questioned Rivers' arm motion. Obviously, both are great players. Carr, Harrington, Leinart and many others could make all the throws – pretty boys in shorts – but they can't play. Drafting is a long way from an exact science.

Vic: Whoa! There were major concerns about David Carr's low release point and for Joey Harrington's and Matt Leinart's arm strength. You're right, drafting is far from being an exact science – Joe Montana was a third-round pick, Tom Brady a sixth-round pick – but drafting players with weak arms over players with strong arms is not a formula for success. Let's not forget that Rivers was the fourth pick of his draft. It would appear the "science" worked on that pick.

Damon from Torrance, CA:
No offense to your fill-ins but it's good to have you back. It was quite boring without you. I must say, too, that your writing seems very crisp and spot on. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but something is different, but in a good way, though.

Vic: It's probably the increased blood flow. I'm feeling new urges.

Bryan from Jacksonville:
Just finished listening to the Wednesday radio show with you, Brian and Jeff. A couple of things, and I'll take the answers off the air: Is Jeff running for office? I echo the sentiment of the caller who suggested more programming during the offseason. Don't let the radio program turn into CAJTW (Complain About the Jaguars This Week). For the people who are making the excuse they aren't buying tickets anymore because (fill in the blank), who was the coach in 1995? Did we know who the wide receiver was that would become a Jaguar great? Those were unknowns at the time and the stadium was sold out. If you think the product stinks, the dippin' dots are overpriced and the beer warm, then don't buy them and quit polluting the programming with your whining.

Vic: Lageman was acting like a Democrat.

Richmond from Jacksonville:
I heard in one of your earlier posts that you are a member of the "Pride of the Jaguars" selection committee. Do you know when another player will be inducted?

Vic: I don't even know when the next meeting is.

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