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The eyebrow movement

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
Please tell Maurice Jones-Drew to let the beard go.

Vic: I'm starting my own movement. I'm going to let my eyebrows grow until the Jaguars score a touchdown. Who'll join me?

Gregg from Ocala, FL:
During the Dolphins game it seemed like Derek Landri was around the ball frequently. Did anything in his performance stand out to you and what did you take away from Landri's performance on Monday night?

Vic: He looked quick and that's particularly important because he added a lot of size in the offseason and you always worry about a guy losing his quickness when he decides to bulk up. The thing that stands out the most, however, from having watched him on Monday night is the sack he had. I'm not talking about what he did to get the sack, I'm talking about what the offensive lineman across from him did to allow it. It was pure comedy. The guy backpedaled, looked to his left, then looked to his right and blocked nobody as Landri ran right by him. How can that happen?

B. from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts on Garrard putting his offensive line on the burner in his interview after the Miami game? Sure they looked a little rough, but don't you think it's time to start getting rid of the ball sooner? Ninety percent of the sacks last year were Garrard's fault. Am I way off in my assumption?

Vic: Yes, you are way off in your assumption, but I doubt that will cause you to change your opinion. My thought on David Garrard's postgame comments is that the truth is the pure defense, but sometimes it's better to lie.

Billy from Cynthiana, KY:
With the emergence of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco last year and the way Mark Sanchez looked, do you think the college quarterback is evolving and becoming more pro ready? Do you expect this trend of pro-ready quarterbacks to continue? If so, who do you think is next in line?

Vic: It will continue in the pro-style programs. Ryan and Sanchez are from pro-style, major college programs. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, etc. all came from pro-style college programs. Flacco played in one at Delaware. Who's next in line? Go to the pro-style college programs and pick one.

Glen from Lake City, FL:
How big of a concern is the backup QB position for the front office/coaching staff? While Bouman did look like his passes were decent when he first came in, I didn't see him checking off to second and third receivers very much, which concerns me as much or more than the balls he let sail as the night went on.

Vic: When did fans start talking like coaches? Did the video games do that, too? I liked it better when the fans just said, "they stink" or "he stinks."

Ryan from West Chester, OH:
"Just woke up a little bit ago. I slept in my office last night. The floor doesn't seem as hard as it did last year." Everything all right at home with Mrs. Ketchman, Vic?

Vic: I think so. What should I have done, driven all the way home to sleep for an hour and then come back? By the way, Mrs. Ketchman must not have been watching the game on Monday night. In fact, I'm sure she wasn't because just as Paul Smith was leading the Jaguars out of the huddle and up to the line of scrimmage for that fourth-and-goal play that would decide the game, my cell phone rang. It was Mrs. Ketchman and she wanted to know if I was coming home or not because she wanted to know if she should arm the security system. Here I was, about to blog the most important words of the night, as 4,318 fans left in the stadium howled, and she wanted to know if she should turn on the alarm system. "Go ahead," I said. At that moment, the night's two most major events were decided: The Jaguars would lose and I would sleep on my office floor.

Mo from Mountain Top, PA:
I know you're not big on the Tebow/wildcat questions, but I can't help myself. What do you think of the Appalachian State quarterback as a possible wildcat option, looking ahead?

Vic: I love him. He may be the most dominant and exciting football player I've ever seen. If there's a place in the NFL for Tebow, then there has to be a place for Armanti Edwards. By the way, did you hear that he nearly cut his foot off cutting grass recently? He's OK, thank goodness, but he's going to be out of action for a few weeks. Now here's a guy who really does need a lawn service.

Terrance from Jacksonville:
Is it just me or does Brett Favre really love the spotlight?

Vic: Or the money, huh? As I've said, I can't blame him for taking the money. If the Vikings are dumb enough to pay it, then I'd be smart enough to take it.

Dave from Jacksonville:
The Vikings sold 1,500 jerseys, 2,000 season tickets and 6,000 single-game tickets within an hour of Favre's signing. I think your Tebow idea that you mentioned on "Jaguars This Week" is brilliant.

Vic: I guess the Vikings aren't stupid. By the way, I've amended my Tebow idea to this: The Jaguars should offer a contract to prospective season-ticket buyers. The contract should promise that the team will draft Tebow if enough contracts are signed to sell out the stadium on a season-ticket basis. If the Jaguars don't draft Tebow, the deal is off. Do you think it would work?

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