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The genius is in the discipline

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Richmond, VA:
When a defense is getting ready to play a lefty quarterback, will they put their best defensive lineman on the quarterback's blindside?

Vic: If your best pass-rushing defensive end is also good against the run, then go ahead and move him to left end. The problem occurs when your blindside pass-rusher is not very big or very good against the run. You don't want him playing left end because most teams are right-handed in the run game and he'd likely get snow-plowed all day.

Kenneth from Palm Beach, FL:
I know they want to build the team through the draft, which I believe is a good idea, but there is a big-time free agent that will make a huge impact on the team now, Albert Haynesworth. Imagine Haynesworth and Henderson; just like in college. Do you think the team is interested in pursuing him and, if they were, do we have the cap to do it?

Vic: I wouldn't give this another thought.

Cory from Jacksonville:
Do you think Fred Taylor will continue to read "Ask Vic?"

Vic: Yeah, I do, because Fred's heart is still going to be in Jacksonville and he'll probably be curious to see if I take any shots at him. Knowing that, I'll probably slip one in now and then just to see if he's reading me.

Jason from Jacksonville:
A lot of people aren't giving Fred the nod toward the Hall of Fame. I know it's still early to discuss this but, in your opinion, do you feel he should?

Vic: As it stands, I don't believe Fred will make it into the Hall of Fame. I've written this several times and I've said it to Fred: He's got to pass Jim Brown to have any chance of being elected to the Hall of Fame. Once he passes Brown, let's talk about this some more. Until then, it's a moot point.

Jason from Jacksonville:
With Jones-Drew taking the bulk of the carries, do you see his role decreasing in the return game?

Vic: I think it should. I think the Jaguars need to find some new blood in the return game. For one thing, I think change in return personnel is good because opponents haven't seen them enough to have a "book" on them. Secondly, Jones-Drew is going to be used extensively in the passing game, and that takes a lot out of a player because it means a lot of running.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Your comment about knowing good coaching when you see it prompts this question: What is your perspective on Jack Del Rio as a head coach? My biggest issue with him is that his propensity to fire assistant coaches is extreme and disruptive. From my very limited vantage point, he seems to have dumped a large number of very good coaches over the years, and that doesn't reflect well on him. I know it is a delicate question, but I appreciate your point of view greatly.

Vic: I don't believe that is your big issue with him. I tend to think your big issue with Jack Del Rio is that his team was 5-11 last season. I don't remember people complaining last winter about coach Del Rio's ways. In fact, I remember people praising just about everything Del Rio did in leading the Jaguars to their first playoff win in nine years. It's real simple: If you fire coaches and win, then firing coaches is good. If you fire coaches and lose, however, then firing coaches is bad. Just win, baby, because winning is good and losing is bad.

Mike from Fruit Cove, FL:
Is Fred a prime example of what you want out of a first-round draft pick?

Vic: You mean, 11 years, 11,271 yards and 62 touchdowns rushing, and 286 pass receptions for 2,361 yards and eight touchdowns? No, who would want that?

Rob from Orange Park, FL:
Are all the players being cut right now essentially "street free agents?" Can they be signed to another team prior to Feb. 27?

Vic: Yes, they can. Fred is on the "street" and he is free to sign with any team in the league right now. We were talking on the phone on Thursday and I told him that I thought Philadelphia would be a great place for him. He'd love to play in Miami, for the obvious reason. New England is another real good place for him. I told him that, in my opinion, he should not sign with a team that is not a Super Bowl contender. He wants a ring and, in my opinion, the Eagles will begin next season as one of the favorites to win the NFC.

Mark from Regina, Canada:
What are your thoughts on Chauncey Washington and do you expect to him to play a bigger role next year?

Vic: He's a good guy and he's got some talent, but I don't think we're at the point to talk about him in terms of a role. Before he can acquire a role, he's got to make the team. That's his role right now: roster competitor.

Kevin from Floral Park, NY:
If a team like the Jaguars use the BAP and have a board constructed, wouldn't their picks be done quickly? I know how important each pick is but, if you stick to the system, there should be no second-guessing. Am I wrong?

Vic: What about working the phone? Why not use the time allotted to you to entertain trade possibilities?

Saud from Marietta, GA:
What type of running back would complement Jones-Drew's running style?

Vic: Most people would say a power back would be the perfect complement to a smallish running back such as Maurice Jones-Drew, but I don't agree because Jones-Drew is a power back, even though he's smallish. I think the perfect complement to Jones-Drew would be a scatback type; a one-cut-and-go speed back who also possesses strong receiving skills that would allow you to get him out in space and open the field. Greg Jones has the power-back thing covered. I'd like to see the Jags find a Reggie Bush, Steve Slaton type of back and the guy in this draft who reminds me of those two backs is LeSean McCoy. He might, just might be there when the Jags pick in the second round and I'd have to believe he'd be very tempting. McCoy has skills the Jaguars haven't had in their backfield since Tavian Banks. David Garrard is very good in the short passing game, especially on the dump passes to the backs, and the Jaguars need a back other than Jones-Drew who can catch a short pass and turn it into a long gain.

Sean from Jacksonville:
You never answer my questions so I don't like you. Don't the fans matter at all? We buy the tickets. What if we were to hold out on our team and not show up, then would you listen to what we, the people, want? Yeah, us, the guys paying for everything. Listen to us.

Vic: Chill out, dude.

Mark from Charleston, SC:
I must say, from the outside looking in, Gene Smith has really taken the bull by the horn. His first couple of weeks he told us his plan and is following it. This is very refreshing. Your thoughts?

Vic: First of all, bulls have two horns and you should really grab both. Secondly, your observation is right on the bullseye, get it? What genius did the Steelers exhibit in drafting Ben Roethlisberger? They sat there like lumps and waited for him to fall to them. The genius was in their commitment to their philosophy to be patient. Instead of panicking and trading away picks to move up, they just sat there and let him fall right into their laps. Meanwhile, the Browns traded up like two spots and gave away a second-round pick to draft a guy, Kellen Winslow, who would've fallen to them anyhow, and now they wish they didn't even have him. The bottom line is this: What good is it having a philosophy if you don't execute it?

Colin from Tallahassee, FL:
I hate how expensive players are getting. Sixburgh had the courage to let Alan Faneca go and take a rebuilding year on their offensive line. Come on, guys.

Vic: Precisely! Be patient, folks.

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