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The guy drives me nuts

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Assuming the Jags handle the Browns this week, which other AFC teams should we be rooting for? Obviously, I will be pulling for Oakland over San Diego, but which teams should we pull for in the Cincy-Pittsburgh and Denver-KC games? What scenario best plays to the Jaguars' interests?

Vic: The Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game is easy; root for the Bengals. The Jaguars really need the Bengals to win because that would all but eliminate the Steelers from division title contention and put them squarely in the wild-card race with five losses. If Pittsburgh wins out, however, it would win the AFC North and that would put the Bengals into the wild-card race and I can't see the Bengals losing another game. They could finish the season 12-4 and not win the division and that would pose a serious threat to the Jaguars in the wild-card race. The Denver-Kansas City game isn't as clear cut; you could look at it a lot of ways. You could say a Denver win for the Jaguars would be good because that would drop the Chiefs in the wild-card race, but you could also say the Chiefs' finishing schedule is so difficult that they probably won't make it as a wild card even if they do beat Denver this Sunday. You could also make the claim that a Kansas City win would be good because that would drop Denver in the division standings and homefield race, and that would be a good thing because it might mean the Broncos would have to play all-out in the final game of the season against San Diego. Finally, you could make the very logical claim that you want Denver to win because you want Denver to win the AFC West and not be a wild-card contender, since the Broncos would hold the head-to-head tie-breaker over the Jaguars. I think the circumstances involving Denver and Kansas City are too many to actually have a rooting interest. Just let it happen; there are pros and cons both ways. The Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game, however, is clear cut; the Jaguars want the Bengals to win.

Eric from Jacksonville:
Do you think Cortez Hankton will get an opportunity this year? I wouldn't mind seeing him in the four spot.

Vic: Cortez Hankton would've had his opportunity a month ago against Houston, had it not been for a hamstring injury he can't seem to shake. Jack Del Rio was going to make Hankton a major part of the game plan. Yeah, Del Rio wants to use him. Hankton's gotta make it happen.

Eric from Scranton, PA:
Is there any hope the Jags-Indy game in two weeks will be moved to a nationally-televised game?

Vic: That's not going to happen. Changes in kickoff times are usually announced no less than two weeks prior to the game. No announcement about a change for the Jags-Colts game has been made, so, it's staying at one o'clock.

Eroc from Little Rock, AR:
Hardest hitter? It has to be Matt Jones.

Vic: You know, he's built a lot like Ted "The Stork" Hendricks. Maybe Matt could play some linebacker.

Broc from Annamoriah, WV:
Jags make playoffs or Colts go undefeated, what would you like to see more?

Vic: That's easy; Jags make the playoffs. First of all, I'm tired of not covering playoff games. Secondly, I've developed a strong aversion to the Colts due to Peyton Manning's antics at the line of scrimmage. It's like watching Sergio Garcia re-grip the club over and over on every swing for 18 holes. Every time I cover a Jags-Colts game, I have facial tics for a week. Now the guy has developed some kind of obsessive compulsiveness for the word "hut." He keeps saying "hut" the whole time he's making all of those hand gestures at the line of scrimmage. I can't stand to watch him play.

Ryan from Hamilton, Ontario:
It sounds as if Charlie Frye might be starting at quarterback on Sunday because of Trent Dilfer's injury. What do you think this means in terms of the Jaguars' game plan?

Vic: That's one of the big questions this week. What effect would it have on the Browns if Frye is the quarterback on Sunday? I have to believe that one of the Jags' worries is that Frye, being a popular Ohio kid, would energize the crowd and his teammates. He could give the Browns a cause; play for the future. I would tend to look at it less emotionally and more analytically: It's hard to imagine a rookie quarterback beating the league's third-ranked defense and second-ranked pass-defense. I think Dilfer would give the Browns their best chance of winning, but the Browns have to start finding out about Frye because they have to know whether or not they need to draft a quarterback next spring.

Steve from Fort Smith, AR:
I seem to remember a game in which Earl Campbell ran over a Rams defender at the goal line, totally destroying him. Is it possible for a running back as brutal as Earl to be the hardest hitter ever?

Vic: It sure is. Earl Campbell was the most punishing runner I have ever seen. It shortened his career but, in his prime, he was the closest thing I ever saw to Jim Brown. Campbell was a great back. He was my kind of football player.

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