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The heat obviously got to him

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dale from Hampton, VA:
Do you see this game as a must-win to keep the division title a possibility?

Vic: Absolutely, without a doubt, yes.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
On ESPN's "Monday Night Countdown," John Clayton said it was time for the Jaguars to panic. With Naeole signed and Meester and Porter returning soon, I am optimistic. Your thoughts?

Vic: In 37 years of waking up every morning, looking into the mirror and realizing I am a sportswriter, not a doctor, this is without a doubt the most ridiculous sports debate I have ever witnessed or in which I have participated. All right, I'll say it: It's time to panic. So what does that mean? I don't feel any different now that I've said it. Do you want me to agree that 0-2 has put the team in a tough spot? Sure it has. Am I going to panic? No. I didn't panic when the doctor came through the curtain and said "you got cancer," so why would I panic now that the Jaguars have lost two football games? If they lose three games, six games, 12 games or all the games I'm not going to panic because, well, I don't know why, I just won't. I decided to do a count of losses I've covered in my career. Here it is: I've covered 254 defeats in my career. Why panic now?

Henry from Jacksonville:
You've got to laugh to keep from cryin', Vic.

Vic: I cried again on Wednesday. I cried so hard I had to call my wife and cry to her. I'm so ashamed of myself.

Caleb from Stinnett, TX:
My birthday is Friday so, please, Mr. Vic, do you believe Jerry Porter is that deep threat we need?

Vic: I cling to hope.

Mitch from Ankeny, IA:
I am a big Jaguars and Panthers fan. I do believe the Jaguars will bounce back and be OK. My question is: What is your view on the Panthers so far this season? I really didn't have my hopes up for them to do much but they are looking good. Do you think they are a legit playoff team this year?

Vic: Yeah, I do. I loved their draft and that always puts my antennae up. It's very clear now that their draft is as good as it looked on draft day. Jonathan Stewart and Jeff Otah are difference-makers. I know a line coach in the NFC South who calls Otah the best run-blocker in the draft. On Stewart's game-winning touchdown run against Chicago, it was Otah who cleared the way. I'm a big draft guy. I've always believed a good draft class is a precursor to a successful season. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats a strong draft.

Rich from Indianapolis, IN:
There really isn't much here and we don't really have anything super special to come and see. I guess that's why this is such a sports crazy town; that's all we have. Playing basketball and growing corn; that's all us hicks are good for.

Vic: Don't be so hard on yourself. You hicks are good for a lot of other things, too.

Nick from Washington, DC:
Has Chris Naeole recovered from the injury he sustained last season?

Vic: He's recovered, if he wants to be just a normal person. Recovered to the point that he can push around 300-pound men who are trying just as hard to push him around? That's what we're going to find out. Chris said as much on Wednesday. He hasn't tried that part, yet.

Tim from Randlett, OK:
With Bob Sanders out, what does that open up for our offense?

Vic: I don't think that's the right way to phrase your question. The Colts are going to put 11 men on the field on defense. They'll make sure nothing is open. What Sanders' absence is going to do is take the guy off the field who makes their defense go. We found that out in their Super Bowl season. He's the heartbeat of that defense and it is not the same without him. Given the style of football they play on defense, I think his loss will be felt most in the running game, but it will also be felt in the huddle. When the Colts look around, Sanders won't be there and it does something spiritually to a team to lose its star player.

Ralph from Jacksonville:
I'm pleased to announce that I am feeling a lot better after Sunday's loss to the Bills. I now have partial vision back in my left eye and the doc says I'll be heading home after my rectal temperature dips below 100 degrees. Can't wait for the next home game but the teal jersey I wear is a little hot. Is it OK to wear white against Houston?

Vic: If you wanna be a sissy, go ahead and wear white.

Dan from Jacksonville:
My fantasy team's name is The Ketchmanites. We're 1-1.

Vic: Just run, baby, run.

Dale from Hampton, VA:
What's with this weekly roster shuffling? You can't really say help is not on the way when you're constantly signing and releasing people.

Vic: Have you sensed any help arriving?

Joel from Jacksonville:
Come on, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Vic: No way! We stuck together and beat them at Gettysburg.

Michael from Jacksonville:
Do you think it would be effective to utilize Marcedes Lewis as a blocking fullback and run Greg Jones up the middle more to soften up the opposing defensive line?

Vic: No.

Tim from Orange Park, FL:
What's your definition of a must-win game?

Vic: The true definition is that it's a game you must win or any hope of attaining your goal will be extinguished. Obviously, that is not the case this week in Indianapolis, but then there's the common sense side to this issue and, in my opinion, common sense tells us this is a must-win game because an 0-3 hole is probably too much to overcome. Division titles aren't built on losing division games. I think we know that from recent years.

Myke from Erin, NY:
I was reading on a Bills message board that Fred Jackson said: "We were just trying to get any advantage we could. I was lying down to see if I could distract some of the Jaguars players when they were coming down and get them to focus on me instead of Terrence McGee." So does that answer that?

Vic: Yes, it does. Jackson was obviously overcome by the heat, which caused his thought processes to wobble. If you wanted the Jaguars to focus on you instead of on McGee, shouldn't McGee be the one who hides?

Rich from Jacksonville:
Who were the players chosen with all the picks Jacksonville traded away to get Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves?

Vic: Virginia Tech tackle Duane Brown by Houston, Appalachian State wide receiver Dexter Jackson by Tampa Bay, Miami linebacker Tavares Gooden by Baltimore, West Virginia running back Steve Slaton by Houston, Richmond wide receiver Arman Shields by Oakland, and Michigan State tight end Kellen Davis by Chicago. There's one more pick to go in next year's draft.

Collin from Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
I'm a huge football fan but my fear arises from another source. I really feel like we are in the end days; my study of prophecy has led me to believe this wholeheartedly. I respect your opinion immensely and I have two questions that would mean so much to me if you would answer, even if it's a private response e-mail: 1. What are your feelings about these times? 2. Are you saved?

Vic: Can I let you know on Monday?

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