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The intent is not to protect

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Suzanne Webster from Jacksonville:
I know you are probably tired of answering this, but there is still some confusion over the number of players the Texans may choose from each team. I thought you said there was a maximum of two players. Is there any loophole where the Texans could possibly choose three players from one team?
No team may lose more than two players in the expansion draft, unless it wants to lose more than two players. The rules allow a team to withdraw a player from its expansion list when the Texans select a player from that list. The remaining two players on that list may be withdrawn after the Texans select a second player. In the Jaguars' case, the idea isn't to protect players, but to lose players and their salary cap money. I don't expect the Jaguars to withdraw names from their list. If the Texans were to select Tony Boselli, Gary Walker and Seth Payne, the Jaguars would immediately realize more than $17 million in 2002 cap relief; more than $12 million in remaining amortization. This is a unique opportunity that might allow the Jaguars to fix their massive cap problems in one year.

Jon Kurland from Jacksonville:
Two quick draft questions: First, I've heard you talk about the Jaguars having to take the "best available player" this year, so, having said that, what do you think are the top needs for this team heading into the draft? Secondly, if it came down to two evenly matched players on the board, which should the Jaguars pick, offensive lineman or defensive lineman?
Offensive line, defensive line and linebacker would seem to be the Jaguars' areas of greatest need, currently. This is thought to be a very good year for defensive linemen, a good year for offensive linemen, but not a good year for linebackers. I can't predict who they will take. I would hope they'll select the best player available, regardless of position.

Matt Bush from Wadsworth, OH:
What was the matter with Chad Ward (the Jaguars' sixth-round pick last year)? I read today that the 49ers are ready to replace Pro-Bowler Ray Brown with him. What did we miss with (Ward) and, more importantly, why did he not make our team? We even traded for him.
Chad Ward had a rough training camp. That caused him to be cut, then signed to the practice squad, from which the 49ers claimed him. Let's wait and see what Ward contributes to the 49ers, before we decide the Jaguars made a mistake in not protecting him.

Ryan Siplon from Jacksonville:
I've heard talk that Maurice Williams may move to the left tackle position next season. Considering that he his developing into a solid player and the area he is protecting is Mark Brunell's blind-side, would that be a wise move? Perhaps, that is a hint that Brunell may still be playing elsewhere, regardless of what happens on expansion draft day. What do you think?
Maurice Williams has the athletic ability to be a left tackle; pass-block against the opponents' best pass-rusher. I don't believe any thoughts of moving Williams to right tackle has anything to do with Mark Brunell.

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