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The job belongs to Podlesh


The Jaguars did not draft Adam Podlesh in the fourth round with the idea of opening the punting job to competition. Coach Jack Del Rio told reporters Sunday afternoon that Podlesh will likely be the team's punter, effectively ending veteran Chris Hanson's Jaguars career.

"We feel we've strengthened ourselves with that acquisition. We'll work something out," Del Rio said when asked about Hanson. "We expect Adam to be our punter."

Del Rio spoke to reporters during the sixth round of the draft, in which the Jaguars had no selections. Following his meeting with the media, Del Rio returned to the draft room for the team's final three picks.

"We think he can be a real weapon for us," Del Rio added of Podlesh, the first of two punters to go in the fourth round. Right after the Jaguars selected Podlesh, the Steelers traded up in the fourth round to select Baylor's Daniel Sepulveda, considered to be the other high-quality punter in the draft. Sepulveda is considered to have a slightly stronger leg than Podlesh but is not as consistent or accomplished in producing hang time.

"Very quick; does a nice job with hang time," Del Rio said of Podlesh. "He's very consistent, has speed, has hands. We feel confident he'll be our punter."

Del Rio addressed other odds and ends from the first two days of the draft. He said the team traded back to the fourth round at the end of the first day because there wasn't a player left on their board who was worthy of third-round selection.

In round four, the Jaguars also selected Missouri pass-rusher Brian Smith, who the Jaguars believe might be the best pure pass-rusher in the draft. Smith, however, sustained a broken hip last fall and some teams considered him to be a medical reject.

"He's got an issue with his hip. Once resolved, we feel he can be a real pass-rusher. He does a little bit of everything and he's relentless," Del Rio said.

Smith will not participate in mini-camp but he's expected to be full speed in training camp.

One more time, Del Rio was grilled on having passed twice on quarterback Brady Quinn when he was available to the Jaguars at picks 17 and 21 on Saturday.

"We always come to an agreement on how we proceed," Del Rio said of the decision-makers in the team's draft room. "We work hard to find consensus guys. I actually had a little more aggressive approach to the quarterback thing.

"We did not have a consensus to take (Quinn) so we didn't take him. We had some guys who wanted to take him," Del Rio said.

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