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The one true "Ask Vic"

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Scot from Jacksonville:
I've been a long-time daily reader and greatly enjoy the column and the obvious work you put into it. I think you've reached a point where you have covered pretty much all there is to cover about the salary cap, and people should reference your 101 series rather than ask you the same questions. Since we are in a dead period until training camp, I was wondering if you could do a new 101 series on some other topic of interest. As one suggestion, I'll throw out "Defense 101," which could cover schemes and formations and explain things like cover two, man press, etc. and the basic defensive terminology we hear so often but don't always understand.

Vic: Great idea! I think I'll do it.

Jon from Ocala, FL:
How did Juran Bolden look during this past weekend's mini-camp? Do you think he will be one of the better free-agent signings this offseason?

Vic: Yes, I do think he'll be one of the better free-agent signings of this year, but he got beat deep twice by Jimmy Smith on Sunday.

Pete from Jacksonville:
Since Cordova is such a good pass-rusher, is it possible he will play DE?

Vic: Do you remember in my draft preview stories, and even in some "Ask Vic" columns, I made mention of a lot of pass-rush specialists in this draft; small, fast pass-rushers who were not every-downs defensive ends? Well, Jorge Cordova was one of them. The plan is for him to put his hand on the ground on obvious passing downs, but he is not a true defensive end. He's a designated pass-rusher who will lineup at defensive end, but if Cordova is to become an every-downs player in this league, it'll almost have to be as a linebacker. He's just too small to play end against the run.

Dan from Jacksonville:
Where do you guys get that awful music for the training camp highlights video? I guess you guys need some help picking out good music.

Vic: I'm sorry you don't like the music.

Ian from Chesapeake, VA:
I just saw that video of the mini-camp and I just have to say that was awesome. I haven't seen another NFL team's website with more videos on their team than the Jaguars. This is the best website. I loved the "Rocky" music in the background, too.

Vic: I'm glad you like the music.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Can you give us some insight into possible June 1 cap casualties that could wind up in Jax?

Vic: J.J. Stokes? Seriously, one name you might want to remember is Joe Johnson of Green Bay. He signed as a high-priced free agent two years ago but has spent his time with the Packers on their injured reserve list. He has a big salary this year and is likely to be a June cut. The Jaguars have a distinct need at defensive end and Johnson is a two-time Pro-Bowler, so I'm guessing the Jaguars might have some interest in him if he's cut.

Andy from Jacksonville:
Did you ever copyright the phrase "Ask Vic?" And what are your thoughts on CBS Sportsline having the same question and answer column? Vic Carucci couldn't pull off an "Ask Vic" golf tournament.

Vic: Carucci knows there's only one true "Ask Vic."

Luke from Jacksonville:
I remember reading a few weeks ago that Reggie Williams had chosen the infamous Poston brothers, who are notorious for holdouts and long negotiations, as his agents. Can you report on how contract negotiations with Williams are proceeding, or if they've finished yet?

Vic: I think it's safe to say negotiations are in the early stages; very early. You might want to pack a lunch for this one, Luke.

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