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They'd have to deal with me

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David from Columbia, SC:
What's considered a fast surface vs. a slow surface?

Vic: Astro-Turf and laned tracks are considered to be fast surfaces, while Field-Turf and grass fields are thought to yield slower times. Any kind of hard surface is considered to be fast; softer, thicker surfaces are slower.

Trevor from Jacksonville:
I don't see how people think getting a top-notch receiver would put us over the top. I support Leftwich and think he's the one for us, but this season, in my mind, rests entirely on his progress this offseason. The second half of last year, our defense was doing its job to win games. I don't care what receivers we have, they can't catch the ball when the other team is catching it. What are your thoughts?

Vic: I think Byron Leftwich is on his way to becoming an outstanding NFL quarterback, but he needs help at receiver.

Javier from Hammonton, NJ:
What is more likely to happen: Jags trade up in the draft, Jags trade down in the draft, or Jags remain with the ninth pick?

Vic: If they could get one of the glitzy receivers (Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams or Kellen Winslow) by trading up at a cost-effective price, I would almost guarantee that to happen. If trading up cost too much and a quarterback fell to their position in the draft and caused a team to want to trade up, I would expect the Jaguars to take the deal and move down. But trading up or down isn't as easy as it sounds, so staying at nine is probably more likely to happen.

Tom from Jacksonville:
I have no question, but wanted to give you props for today's column, "Time to make the pick." It is a great read and I couldn't agree with you more. Ignore the draft-rumor garbage and trust your gut and your board.

Vic: Thanks for writing because you've given me an opportunity to explain something about "Time to make the pick." That column is what I believe the Jaguars will do. In other words, I'm making a prediction. What does it matter who I'd pick? I don't get a pick. And you wouldn't want me to do the picking because I am very stubborn about this "best available player" stuff. I will not over-pay for a pair of pants just because I need a certain color. Maybe that's why I have so many khaki pants. I got 'em at a good price and they go with everything. I can tell you that given the scenario I presented in "Time to make the pick," I'd call Pittsburgh and Buffalo and let them know that if they want Ben Roethlisberger or Phillip Rivers, they'll have to trade with me. And if they called my bluff, I'd pick Roethlisberger and wait to find out which team wanted him more. Franchise quarterbacks represent more value than any player in the game. It would be a cold day at Jaguars training camp before I'd pass on Sammy Baugh. But the column wasn't about who I'd pick; it was about who I think the Jaguars will pick, and what the reasoning would be for making that pick.

Nate from Tampa, FL:
With the recent rumors about Shawn Andrews being taken with the ninth pick, what does that say about Mike Pearson? To my knowledge, he improved last year and was seen as one of those key guys in our future. Was I mistaken?

Vic: I don't believe Shawn Andrews will be the Jaguars' pick at number nine, but that's immaterial anyhow. You might recall that when the Jaguars signed offensive tackle Ephraim Salaam, offensive line coach Paul Boudreau made a point of saying Salaam would be given an opportunity to win a starting job. Boudreau said there are no guaranteed starting jobs, and that he wanted to challenge his offensive linemen with competition at every position. He also made a point of introducing Mike Compton into the competition at guard. Mike Pearson established himself as one of the league's starting left tackles last season. Apparently, he's going to have to do it again.

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