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They know how to beat Steelers

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Randy from Jacksonville:
You nailed it in your blog. The Cowboys wilted. We must realize that not all games are at home and the season continues after September. What are your thoughts for the long term? Does this team have what it takes to win in cold weather and in air-conditioned domes?

Vic: The same conditioning that wins for you in hot weather wins for you in cold weather. This team proved that in Green Bay two years ago. Playing in cold weather is all mental. You have to steel your will. You have to refuse to be cold because being cold becomes a distraction. Winning in heat and humidity is more than mental. It's a physiological thing. The Jaguars are in great condition. They proved that against the Cowboys. Winning in domes is another matter. You have to be able to overcome the piped-in noise.

Pete from South Setauket, NY:
Keep up the good work. What was Parcells trying to challenge when he threw out the red flag late in the fourth quarter after the completion from Leftwich to Williams, but the referee didn't see it? And why did he lose a timeout even though he didn't get to challenge?

Vic: What he was trying to do was somehow stop the action and get his defense a breather. He knew there was nothing to challenge. He waited until the ball was just about to be snapped before he threw the flag. He was hoping it would cause some kind of confusion that would result in an explanation and a delay. I'm sure the officials knew that, which is probably why they hit him for a timeout. Coach Parcells knew what he was doing but it was too little too late. Fred Taylor ran for five yards on each of the next two plays, the final one into the end zone untouched for what would be the game-winning touchdown.

Evan from Hull, Quebec:
Maybe Dallas needs to find a sandbox to run around in?

Vic: I don't know if they have a sandbox or not but it's little conditioning tools such as sandboxes that can make the difference. What if it did make the difference?

Jason from St. Augustine, FL:
A first-round pick for Branch? Are the Seahawks crazy?

Vic: The Patriots are the best "thieves" in the league. I really admire the way they handle personnel.

Jeff from Mayport, FL:
The Dallas field goal that hit the upright had me thinking: If that kick had been a foot or two higher and passed directly over the upright, would the team that did not get the call be able to challenge?

Vic: : I don't know – that's actually not true; field goal attempts are not reviewable – and I don't care. Folks, please don't ask me any more questions about replay review for at least a few days. We're only through the first week of the season and I'm already tired of replay review discussion.

Luke from Cary, NC:
How did I like Leftwich on Sunday? Well, it's funny how you disclude his first half performance and the interception. Where's that in your description of Byron and his rushing touchdown? I think you said yourself, "I could have run that one in.'

Vic: I ain't discludin' nothin'.

Andrew from Ft. Lauderdale, FL:
Anything you didn't like against the Cowboys?

Vic: Just the first quarter. Why were the Jaguars so flat? That's my only concern.

Richard from Hampton, VA:
Do players hit the weights as hard during the season or is that primarily an offseason activity with just some tune-ups during the regular season?

Vic: They continue to work on the weights during the season, but not to the degree that they weight-train during the offseason.

Cary from St. Simons, GA:
Can you give me some things to look for in the Steelers game coming up?

Vic: The Steelers will run the ball and the Jaguars will stop the run. Jack Del Rio and Mike Smith are from Baltimore. They know what you have to do to beat the Steelers. You stop the run.

Jonathan from Olympia, WA:
Did I see on FOX's coverage that we had three starting wide receivers in the lineup on Sunday? If so, did we not have an official starting fullback?

Vic: The Jaguars provided the media a pregame starting lineup that included three wide receivers and no fullback. On the first play of the game, they had two starting wide receivers and a fullback. Pretty tricky, huh?

Dustin from Kissimmee, FL:
What does Vic's day usually look like for a home game? We know you wait for halftime to consume that illustrious hot dog, but what about before and after?

Vic: For Sunday's game (4:15 p.m. start), I arrived at the stadium at about 11 a.m., cleaned up my inbox and worked on other sundry tasks, walked down to the press box elevator to go upstairs for my first pregame radio segment, ripped the elevator operator when he told me he was holding the elevator for Joe Buck, who was on the television screen right in front of us, found another elevator and got upstairs in time to do my segment, ran out to the parking lot to turn my car lights off, did two more radio segments before kickoff, blogged the game, ate a hot dog at halftime, did the postgame interviews, wrote a column and a game story, got home by 10:30 p.m., spent some quality time with the dog (Jake) that likes me, made a big sandwich, ate the sandwich, watched an official's call ruin the Colts-Giants game, carried Jake up to bed.

Jordan from Orlando, FL:
I understand elbow pads, but what is the purpose of those skinny bands some players (Matt Jones, for example) wear above their elbows?

Vic: It makes their muscles bulge.

James from Kingsland, GA:
Will the infamous black uniforms reappear this season, or is it the teal and white combos again like last year?

Vic: The Jaguars will wear teal jerseys and white pants against the Steelers. The all-black look is scheduled to reappear for the Giants game. The Jaguars can use the all-black uniforms one other time but haven't decided, yet, when that might be.

David from Northridge, CA:
People often boast the significance of a homefield advantage, however, only five teams playing at home won in week one: Patriots, Cardinals, Steelers, Rams and Jaguars. Is this a result of schedule or is the homefield advantage really a myth unless you are in the RCA dome with the mikes on?

Vic: The homefield advantage is real. Early in the season, weird things happen.

Nate from Honolulu, HI:
By what you see in practice and games, do you think Chad Owens will be a TD punt-returner like he was in Hawaii?

Vic: At Boise State on Sept. 23.

Terry from Orange Park, FL:
In your in-game blog you asked: Isn't it hot in Dallas? The answer is yes. So what role do you think the humidity will play against Pittsburgh this Monday night?

Vic: The Steelers are 0-3 in Jacksonville in September and have lost by a combined 75-33. They should bring their inhalers. By the way, the forecast is for unseasonably cool weather in Pittsburgh this week.

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