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They stuck to game plan

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jason from Rockville, MD:
Brian Urlacher would be an example of a "workout guy" that was taken in the first round. He seems to have worked out for Chicago.

Vic: Yeah, Urlacher would qualify as a guy who shot his stock up in the postseason workouts.

Skip from Jacksonville:
Being patient with Leftwich is a good thing. I am all for it, but I am 68 years old and I might not have that much time.

Vic: Can you hang on for a couple of more years?

Daniel from Springfield, MO:
Who was the better head coach, Al Pacino in "Any Given Sunday" or Billy Bob Thornton in "Friday Night Lights?"

Vic: I don't know who was the best coach, but I can tell you that Al Pacino would get the best I have to give. No complaints from me. You got it, coach. Whatever you say.

Chris from Pass Christian, MS:
Would you have picked Mark Clayton or Matt Jones at number 21? Do you think this question may haunt the Jags for a few years?

Vic: Everything about Matt Jones said "pick me." He has superior size and speed. His stats are nearly unbelievable; 77 touchdowns at Arkansas. New Jaguars offensive coordinator Carl Smith jokingly commented during a break in our TV show Saturday night that Jones even has a better rushing average than Ronnie Brown or Cedric Benson. We are talking about an athletic marvel. What's not to like? Well, just one thing: Jones will be making a position switch. As I said in an "Ask Vic" prior to the draft, my conservative nature would not have permitted me to take a player in the first round who I hadn't seen play at the position for which I would be drafting him. I'm a coward. James Harris and Jack Del Rio, however, are not cowards. They studied Jones carefully, put a grade on him and then stuck by that grade when it came time to pick. I admire their conviction. If Matt Jones turns out to be a star player, maybe the missing link for this team, Harris and Del Rio will be hailed for making the right call. This is a pick that could turn out to be a watershed event for this franchise, because Jones has the talent and the personality to take the covers off the seats in Alltel Stadium. Unfortunately, I won't be able to take any credit for this pick, but I will praise it mightily for possessing the kind of courage I lack.

Hasso from Jacksonville:
Should Jaguars fan expect immediate production from Matt Jones?

Vic: Jack Del Rio was adamant in telling the media that he has a specific role in mind for Matt Jones. You might want to read "Vic's take" for the Jones pick, so you can read Del Rio's exact quote. I think it's fair to expect Jones to be an impact player for the Jaguars this year. Obviously, however, that role will be streamlined. As Del Rio said, it will be specific. Frankly, I expect Jones to be used as a "Slash." I expect his role to resemble that of the Steelers' Antwaan Randle El. I expect to see Jones lined up in a multitude of places, including in the backfield. I expect Jones will even be used as a passer and runner. Exciting, isn't it?

Jon from Jacksonville:
I feel very good about the Jags heading into this upcoming season, but we still have one glaring problem; we still are missing a starting corner. We have Mathis and then a bunch of "nickel" backs. Didn't we learn our lesson last season that Dewayne Washington-caliber corners aren't able to get it done? Please tell me the Jags have a plan, maybe to sign Ty Law or someone like Aaron Glenn after June 1. Vic, please answer this question. I won't be able to sleep at night until we get a corner.

Vic: You might want to see a hypnotist.

James from St. Petersburg, FL:
I'm very disappointed that we fell for all the hype about Matt Jones. We had Fabian Washington right in our sights. Is there any explanation for dropping our game plan in the first round and not taking a cornerback or offensive lineman? I was furious when we took Matt Jones.

Vic: The game plan was to take the best player available. Why don't people believe that? I'm not going to tell you that the Jaguars never go off their board to make a pick. I'm not going to tell you that they don't reach to address need every now and then, but they made a point of telling the media this past weekend that they stayed true to their board on every pick. They said Jones was the highest-rated guy on their board when it was their turn to pick at 21, and I believe them. Khalif Barnes was certainly the highest-rated guy when they picked him. Jack Del Rio made a point of saying the team resisted its urge to reach a round early for Chad Owens. Gerald Sensabaugh had to be a value pick because the Jaguars sure didn't need a safety. That was the game plan: Get value. It was not to address need at the loss of value.

Charlie from Neptune Beach, FL:
As a Virginia graduate, I was excited to see the Jags pull Pearman off the board in the fourth round, but a couple of things trouble me about this pick. He had some trouble in the red zone, and Darren Sproles was still on the board. Help me justify this pick.

Vic: Alvin Pearman is an accomplished running back. At 5-9, 208, he's big enough to be an every-downs back, but he's not a pounder and that means he's not likely to be a short-yardage or goal-line runner. That's OK because that's what Greg Jones' role is. Darren Sproles is a small guy. He's a specialty back. The Jaguars weren't looking for that kind of guy.

James from Jacksonville:
What number will Matt Jones wear in the NFL? I am going to buy a jersey.

Vic: He will wear number 18.

Bryan from Kernersville, NC: :
Considering the inexperience of Jones, will there be any delays in him getting to Jax like Reggie Williams had last year? Barnes? Any of the draft picks?

Vic: I don't know about Matt Jones or other draft picks, but I know Khalif Barnes will miss a lot of the spring practices, just as Reggie Williams did last year, because Washington has a late graduation date.

Eric from Jacksonville:
I'm having a hard time understanding why people are so upset over the Matt Jones pick. Jones is 6-6, 240 and runs a 4.3 and has proven he can catch. His potential is out of this world. There are no sure things in the first round or any round of the draft. Why not go with a guy who could be great?

Vic: You have perfectly paraphrased James Harris' comments.

Will from Jacksonville:
What's the deal with Freddy's knee. Will he be tip-top? Please tell me Freddy's OK.

Vic: Jack Del Rio told the media this weekend that Fred Taylor won't be able to practice with the team until late June. Del Rio wouldn't comment on the knee surgery other than to say Taylor's rehab is going according to schedule. I don't know anything more than that, but I think it's obvious Taylor's knee is worthy of concern.

Jason from Rockville, MD:
The Jaguars picked with a lot of time left on the clock. Doesn't it seem like bad draft strategy to ever make a pick with that much time left? You never know if a team might call with an offer you can't refuse.

Vic: They had their guy. They got him on the phone, they talked to his agent. Nothing more was going to happen. Make the pick.

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