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Third-person "Ask Vic"

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bob from Amelia Island, FL:
I think it's ludicrous that player expenses are three times larger than gate receipts but the Jaguars have to find a way to sell more tickets to be within 90 percent of the league average to receive their full share of the revenue-sharing pie. Your comments?

Vic: Vic don't know. Vic is just a sportswriter.

Luke from Calais, ME:
From your years covering the Steelers and the Jags, how many times have you seen a situation like we have with Harvey play out positively? Are there any other notable examples of key player holdouts that you have covered that have gone this long and had a productive ending for the team?

Vic: Vic remembers a tight end named Eric Green, who held out well into the regular season before he signed a contract. Vic remembers the press conference at which it was announced Green had signed. It was in a small room that had bright TV lights in it. Vic remembers that as Green was telling us that he had worked out while he was holding out and that he was in great shape, he stopped and asked us if we were hot. We said we weren't. A few questions later, Green stopped the conference and said he was hot and was feeling faint and had to leave the room. Vic remembers thinking that Green wasn't in as good a shape as he thought, but Vic also remembers Green having an immediate impact and becoming a difference-maker.

Tony from Ogden, UT:
What would you have done in Reggie Nelson's place on the touchdown pass against Atlanta? It looked to Tony like Rashean was all alone after he passed his receiver off to the safety.

Vic: Vic would've apologized to Rashean Mathis. As we left the field, Vic would've pointed at Mathis and said, "That was all my fault." That way, the fans would've thought Vic was blaming Rashean for blowing the coverage.

Andy from Palm Coast, FL:
Does Vic ever attend postgame press conferences of the opposing teams?

Vic: Vic has enough to do just to cover the Jaguars' locker room after the game, but Vic looks at the transcripts from the opponents' postgame remarks, to see if anyone said anything bad about somebody else. Vic likes it when that happens.

Greg from Jacksonville:
Greg noticed on Saturday that the officials' uniforms had a stripe on the leg. What's Vic's take on the new look?

Vic: Vic doesn't care.

Eric from Gainesville, FL:
Eric wants to know if you see this as Fred Taylor's year to finally make the Pro Bowl as a starter. Eric thinks Fred Taylor is one of the greatest running backs and feels that as fit as he is this year he has to be a lock for it.

Vic: Vic thinks Fred should be more concerned about staying healthy than accumulating stats because the less punishment Fred takes, the longer Fred will play and the more money Fred will make. Vic thinks the Pro Bowl is becoming less important every year.

Tim from Jacksonville:
How amazing is Michael Phelps compared to other athletes you have seen and covered?

Vic: Vic thinks Jim Brown would drown Michael Phelps if they were in the pool together. Vic thinks that in a swimming competition among the greatest athletes he has ever seen, Brown would beat Willie Mays by one body length.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Somehow, I just don't see Vic in the third person working. It may be funny, but I dunno.

Vic: Vic likes it.

Keith from Jacksonville:
How much longer is the window open for the Jaguars?

Vic: Vic thinks the window will stay open as long as David Garrard holds it open. Vic thinks the Jaguars should draft a young quarterback next year and start teaching him how to hold the window open.

Steve from Jacksonville:
What does Vic think about players referring to themselves in the third person? Is it just a useful tool to make themselves seem more significant, or is it just childish theatrics?

Vic: Vic thinks it's a way of creating a character. Vic thinks it's a way of separating the real person from the football person by creating a football player of the same name. Vic thinks it gives the player a chance to switch characters any time the player wants to do that by merely speaking in the other person. Vic thinks that by speaking in the third person, it's almost as though the first person isn't responsible for what the third person did.

Shawn from Jacksonville:
Big news, Vic, Madden '09 is on shelves. How are you going to celebrate?

Vic: Vic's refrigerator is leaking water. Vic always has something to fix. Vic doesn't have time to play video games.

Enrique from Jacksonville:
How does Vic feel about the Olympics? Are there any events in particular that Vic looks forward to?

Vic: Vic likes the ribbon pulling. Vic would like to see a men's division.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I hate when you talk about golf. I especially hate that you talk about that game as if it were a sport and the people who play it as if they are athletes instead of a bunch of guys that are good at a game.

Vic: Vic is what Vic is.

Dave from Ada, OK:
How do you feel about the Titans season opener? Is there any cause for concern?

Vic: Vic is very concerned because it's a division game, which makes it doubly important. Vic is also concerned because Jerry Porter and Reggie Williams are recovering from recent surgeries and probably won't play in the preseason.

Tim from Neptune Beach, FL:
I moved back to Florida several years ago to get out of Atlanta (way too crowded). Do we really have to become Atlanta Jr. for the Jaguars to thrive here?

Vic: Vic says no. Vic thinks it would help if Jacksonville had more corporate representation, but Vic thinks a market the size of Jacksonville should be able to sell out 10 major league events a year, especially since those are the only 10 major league events in Jacksonville every year. Vic thinks that when 10,000 seats were covered and the stadium was shrunk to fit the size of the market, the day for excuses ended. Vic hears people talk all the time about how much larger markets such as Chicago are than Jacksonville, and how such a higher percentage of Jacksonville residents must attend Jaguars games for the team to sell out. Vic thinks those people should divide Chicago's population by the more than 250 major league events in Chicago every year.

Saud from Marietta, GA:
So how worried should we be about our wide receiver corps?

Vic: Vic believes Jerry Porter is the key. When Porter returns to action and proves that he's made a full recovery, Vic will be satisfied that the wide receiver corps is going to be better than last year. Without Porter, Vic believes that not much has changed.

Leo from Metairie, LA:
I know it's not the same, but in baseball, often players don't sign after their first draft and then they do get drafted higher later.

Vic: That's because baseball players keep playing. What are Derrick Harvey's options? CFL? Arena League? Vic doesn't think that'll improve his draft stock.

Jordan from Kill Buck, NY:
Vic really speaks to the people and gets it.

Vic: Vic is going to play golf on Friday in the "Ask Vic" golf tournament, and there will be no column on Friday. Vic is happy.

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