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Training camp for identifying young players

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan Glenn from Atlanta, GA:
Why do some teams get to start training camp before others? It seems like they're at an advantage.
Teams are permitted to begin their training camp no more than 15 days prior to their first preseason game.

John Jakob from Jacksonville:
With Channel 4 not carrying CBS, will we see Jaguars games on TV? Will they be on Channel 4 or 47?
Channel 47 has replaced Channel 4 as the Jacksonville CBS affiliate, therefore, the rights to all but three of the Jaguars' regular-season games belong to 47. FOX holds the rights to the Oct. 6 game against visiting Philadelphia and the Nov. 10 game against visiting Washington, and the Nov. 3 game at the New York Giants will be shown by ESPN.

Joey Cummings from Jacksonville:
I get the feeling you and Jeff Lageman aren't the best of friends on your radio show. Was he brought in to be the anti-Vic person, or do you and Jeff naturally differ in your viewpoints? Regardless, it's a great addition to the show. I enjoy the banter.
Jeff and I naturally differ in a lot of our viewpoints and we enjoy playing off our player/reporter relationship. We also enjoy needling each other, which might have something to do with the arrested-behavior traits we share. It could get real spicy.

Lane Baker from Orlando, FL:
Will the renovations being made to Alltel Stadium for the Super Bowl add seating and, therefore, further complicate sellouts and the blackout rule?
The changes being made to Alltel Stadium will not increase the seating capacity portion of the stadium that applies to the TV blackout rules.

Lynn Cuda from Jacksonville:
What do you think the team's primary goal should be for the 2002 training camp?
Identifying young players worthy of the time and effort required to develop them into NFL-caliber players.

Tim Lynch from Callahan, FL:
I really respect your opinion and all that you have given to Jaguars fans. My question is about Jimmy Smith, who I believe to be a great receiver and person, but does he have a legitimate gripe with the Jaguars in not getting his contract renegotiated? I do believe he is very underpaid for a receiver of his caliber but he has signed a contract that holds him legally bound until 2006. Tom Coughlin came to bat for him when his credibility was questioned and also brought him in from Dallas with many doubts. He has proven himself, without a doubt, but the Jaguars took a chance on him and the rest is history. I think Jimmy should hold his end of the bargain and play; don't let the team down.
It's too early to take a stand. Holdouts are nothing new. Eventually, they end and all is forgotten. If this holdout goes on for any extended period of time, I'll weigh in with my thoughts. As for now, I consider Jimmy Smith's holdout a form of harmless protest to which a player of his esteem should be entitled. As the season nears, I will be less likely to maintain that attitude.

Jared Williams from Jacksonville:
I have a question in regard to Jimmy Smith's holdout: Because he's under contract, does the team have to pay him if he doesn't play? By the way, I really feel for the guy. He has to scrape by on $19 million over five years. Talk about roughing it.
If Jimmy Smith decided to sit out this season, the Jaguars would not be required to pay his $2.75 million salary, but his $2.43 million in remaining bonus amortization, $450,000 in roster bonus and $50,000 in workout bonus would have to count against the Jaguars' 2002 salary cap. Why? Because that money has already been paid.

Jon Walker from Orange Park, FL:
Currently Koch and Ziemann are the only Jaguars on injured reserve. What is their impact on the salary cap? Can players on IR be cut from the team?
As long as a player is on a team's injured reserve list, he continues to draw his full salary. You may release a player "waived/injured," but if no team claims him he returns to your roster until he has recovered from his injury, at which time he may be released without restriction. The money he has been paid up to that point, including his prorated bonus amortization, counts against the team's cap.

Tremain L. Faulkner from Glen Burnie, MD:
Concerning J. Smith, I do feel he needs to be paid among other high-priced receivers. It really concerns me that not only Jimmy but other veterans who have departed also make comments on promises broken. I really don't think things are being made up, if more than one person is saying it. Tell me how you feel on this issue, Vic.
The broken promises stuff has got to stop. A contract is the only true promise, and each side should be expected to fulfill it.

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