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Travesty of football justice

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rob from St. Augustine, FL:
Who do you think are the top five head coaches in the NFL today?

Vic: Bill Belichick, Jeff Fisher, Mike Shanahan, Bill Parcells and Jon Gruden.

Bruce from St. Simons Island, GA:
I still can't find the registration form for the golf tournament. Help!

Vic: A lot of people are reporting that the "Ask Vic" convention registration link is not appearing on the home page on their computers. Our IT boys are working to fix that, but Dave from Saint Marys, GA, fixed the problem on his computer and offers this advice: "If you use Norton Internet Security ad blocker, then it blocked the convention sign up link. Once I disabled Norton, there it was, like a dream come true. I thought I was going crazy. I only tell you this because someone else might have the same problem." Thanks, Dave, however, for those of you who don't want to disable anything on your computer for fear of an explosion, I offer this alternative: Go to

Brad from Franklin, TN:
Speaking of terrible calls, what about that fifth down that allowed Colorado to score the game-winning touchdown? How does everyone in the stadium miss that?

Vic: You're right, that might be the worst travesty of justice in college football history. It always bothered me that Colorado, one of America's esteemed institutions of higher learning, accepted that 1990 win over Missouri. Colorado had an opportunity to set an example of honesty, integrity and fair play by declining the victory, instead, Colorado "stole" the win and continued its pursuit of the national title. It further bothered me that Colorado's coach, Bill McCartney, later led a how-to-live crusade known as "Promise Keepers." He had a chance to provide a real-life how-to-live example, but declined. By the way, the mistake could've been easily corrected by the play-by-play in the press box. Several people knew a mistake was being made and they didn't take the initiative to do the right thing. Even after the game, Colorado could've corrected the mistake by forfeiting the win, but it didn't. That's Colorado's great disgrace. It knew what had happened and didn't make it right.

Dave from Jacksonville:
I believe the worst call in sports history has to be the 1972 Olympics; U.S. vs USSR basketball game. What do you think?

Vic: There's another one. In this case, it was the administration of the clock that was to blame.

Jeffrey from New York City, NY:
But what was the name of the kid who caught that home run ball in Game One of the ALCS in 1996?

Vic: Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a celebrity in our midst. This question comes from someone who spelled his last name suspiciously similar to the Jeffrey Mayer who caught that home run ball in the 1996 American League playoffs, and he uses "yankeehomerunkid" in his e-mail address. Might he be the real Jeffrey Mayer?

Wayne from Jacksonville:
More info about the golf reception at the Bud Zone on Aug. 19, please. Is it an appropriate event to bring the wife or will she be bored? For $30 per person, what is provided? Also, since each golfer must register separately, what is the mechanism to get all four of us together?

Vic: This will be the inaugural "Ask Vic" convention, so I can't say for sure how it'll turn out, but I can tell you we're going to go all-out to make it a fun event. The reception is not just for golfers. We'll award prizes to the golf tournament winners at the reception, but the reception will be for all Jaguars and "Ask Vic" fans who want a night out. Thirty dollars will get you good eats, beer and wine; no limit, though we certainly ask you to keep your beer and wine consumption at responsible levels. Mixed drinks will require separate purchase. I'm hoping the reception will attract a lot of people because the Bud Zone is big and so are our plans. We want to fill the Bud Zone with former players and celebrities, and we're going to try to get Wayne Weaver, Jack Del Rio and or James Harris to stop by. We'll have to have an "Ask Vic Live," too. I think you'll enjoy it and I think your wife will enjoy it, too. As far as pairings for the golf tournament, I'll be doing that personally. I have everyone's registration form and their requests and I'll make sure those requests are honored.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Are there any circumstances under which you see Keenan McCardell coming back to the Jags? He obviously wants to be paid more money; we could have "Thunder and Lightning" on the field once again, and even if it's only for a year or two, would it not be worth having Keenan to mentor Williams and Wilford into filling his role?

Vic: I don't like the mentoring thing. Players play, coaches coach. Keenan McCardell is one of the great players in Jaguars history, but this team has moved into a new era with young players on the rise. I expect the Jaguars to maintain that course.

Steve from Jacksonville:
If we wanted to make a road trip to somewhere nearby to escape the blackout area and watch a Jags game, what is the closest city we can go to? Do they show the Jags games in Daytona? This is a question we have been curious about since these blackouts started and we might not want to go to the stadium for one reason or another.

Vic: Daytona is in the Jaguars home market. So is Orlando and Savannah. Tallahassee is not in the Jaguars' home market, which means it's probably the closest TV market that is not subject to blackout of a Jaguars game. But that doesn't mean Tallahassee TV is going to air the Jaguars game. You'd have to check that out in advance. Why not just buy a ticket instead of a tank of gas?

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