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Trust the doctors

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Jacksonville:
While there are detailed tie-breaker rules for determining the division winner, I see the tie-breaker scenario for the Jaguars as being relatively simple: Unless the Colts lose to the Texans or the Titans, the Jaguars must have a better record than the Colts to win the division. Is it that simple?

Vic: Yes.

Tommy from Jacksonville:
In your editorial yesterday you forgot to mention how the NFL is being completely hypocritical. How can they be against the ABC opening for Monday night, yet, cash those checks from their sponsor Levitra? How many commercials do we see per game of a woman touting her man's staying power because he takes Levitra? I think the NFL needs to address it on both ends. How about you?

Vic: Whoa! Levitra is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is as much a medical cure as penicillin is. I mean, I don't need it, but it's good for guys who do, you know?

Jonathan from King George, VA:
What is Jacksonville's all-time home record against the Steelers?

Vic: 6-2.

Rajesh from Jacksonville:
Have the Jaguars ever won both games (home and away) against the Titans? Titans did it twice, in 2002 and 2003. It's a game we must win to make a statement.

Vic: The Titans also did it in 1999. The Jaguars beat the Oilers twice in 1997.

Ryan from Atlanta, GA:
How can the NFL be so outraged about the ABC "Desperate Housewives" promo when it readily accepts checks for Levitra commercials? No father wants to have to explain to his eight-year-old daughter what Male E.D. is. Does this outrage exist because the controversial promo only leads to more ABC profits and not the NFL's?

Vic: I think you're being very insensitive. What about all of the men who had a problem with rolling out of bed at night?

Lee from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
As always, love the work. I'm hooked and hit the site multiple times a day. Regarding your 11-17-04 story entitled "Leftwich doubtful," quite honestly it was a relief to me. Not that I don't want Byron to be back in the game, he's undoubtedly number one, but I want him to be fully recovered for the long-term good of the franchise. To bring him back a game early could jeopardize the Jags' future. Your thoughts?

Vic: You have to put your trust in the medical team which, in this case, is headed by Dr. James Andrews, the world's foremost authority on knee injuries. When Dr. Andrews says Byron Leftwich is ready to play, you have to believe he's ready to play. Frankly, we have been provided such little information on Leftwich's knee injury that I consider it impossible to have an opinion on his condition. We don't even know what ligament was injured, and my instincts tell me we won't know until the season is over and, I suspect, Leftwich's knee injury will be more fully addressed. Don't think for one second, however, that the Jaguars are going to take any chances with him. They have millions of dollars and the team's future invested in him. Any and all decisions made on his availability will be made with the long-term future of his career in mind.

Bobby from Jacksonville:
Just wanted to know who has more Super Bowl wins, the NFC or the AFC.

Vic: The NFC leads, 21-17.

Joe from Statesboro, GA:
The Jaguars are the only team in the league with a winning record who have allowed more points than they have scored. What does this say about the Jags' success? Does this mean the Jags are a strong team or a lucky team?

Vic: What it says is the Jaguars had two bad games. They lost by 13 points in San Diego and by 14 points in Houston and the 27-point combined deficit those two games represent has left the Jaguars with a 12-point deficit for the season.

Jim from Jacksonville:
What's the point of designating a game a must-win? What game from now on isn't a must-win game?

Vic: You're right, they're all big, especially at this stage of the season and given the tightness of the division title race. But some games represent greater tie-breaker importance. For example, this Sunday's game against the Titans applies directly to division record, which is number two in the tie-breaker order. To have any chance of winning a tie-breaker with the Colts for the division title, the Jaguars probably must beat the Titans. The following week's game against Minnesota will represent a common-opponents game, which would go directly to the third tie-breaker. Chicago, Green Bay and Oakland are also common-opponents games and Houston is a division game. Here's the irony of it all: Of all the remaining games on the Jaguars schedule, the least important may be the Steelers game because the Steelers are neither a division nor common-games opponent. They are an AFC team, but AFC record is number four in the tie-breaker order. Which game has fans most excited? The Steelers game, of course.

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