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Turner is the perfect example

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rob from Jacksonville:
The Colts have not played in Jacksonville in September since 2002. Your thoughts?

Vic: They also played in Jacksonville on Oct. 3 in 2004. I think you're being paranoid. What's the big deal? It's not like the Jags have to play outside in Indianapolis in December.

Brian from Jacksonville:
The appeal of uniforms is relative to the quality of the team. I think the Titans' and Broncos' uniforms are hideous, but when they appeared in Super Bowls, they became legitimate and accepted. If your team's a winner, pink polka-dots would be acceptable.

Vic: I completely agree. Michigan could never get away with those helmets if they didn't have such a great tradition. Penn State's road sheets would be laughable if the program wasn't the power it is. The fish on the Dolphins' helmet didn't start looking silly until Dan Marino retired. The gold flakes on Notre Dame's helmets don't glisten as brightly as they did when Ara Parseghian was the coach.

Nate from Jacksonville:
Is it your opinion that the Mojo extension pretty much rules out the Jags drafting a running back in the first round?

Vic: I hope not because that would mean BAP is not being used, but it sure makes me wonder how you could draft a running back in the first round after giving Jones-Drew the deal you did. If you took a running back at pick eight, you'd have to do the same deal. There's so much we don't know. For example, we don't know where the Jaguars have the running backs on their board. They may have the top guys too far down the board to be a consideration at eight, therefore, it was safe to do the deal. I think we have to consider the possibility the Jaguars looked at what was available and where it fit and decided the guy they already had was the guy they wanted. Gene Smith pretty much said that in my story yesterday. It's been my experience that when all is said and done and the team explains why it did what it did, it all makes sense. Our problem is that, until then, we can only guess what their rationale is.

Ryan from Orange Park, FL: reports that Maurice Jones-Drew signed a four-year deal worth $33 million. How much of that is guaranteed and what is the yearly breakdown of payment?

Vic: Let's start with the correct numbers because I saw a lot of wild and incorrect reports on Wednesday. Jones-Drew's deal is for five years and $31 million, $17.5 million of which is guaranteed. The yearly average is $6.2 million.

Carl from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts about Jones-Drew's new deal? He certainly earned a new contract. Is he one of the top three backs in the NFL?

Vic: The expectation is that his increased workload will put him into the elite category. Michael Turner is the example that can be used. He got a huge deal when the Falcons signed him as an unrestricted free agent, even though Turner had never gained more than 502 yards in a season. The Falcons were projecting what Turner would become and the Falcons were right on because Turner produced a 1,700-yard rushing season.

Marc from Jacksonville:
Has a player ever been drafted in the first round, then immediately traded to the highest bidder of teams trying to trade up?

Vic: Eli Manning was drafted by San Diego and then traded to the Giants.

Mark from Gainesville, FL:
I'm wondering if you think Derek Landri put on the weight he did because he was told he could be playing defensive end in a 3-4 formation. What do you think?

Vic: You really want that 3-4, don't you? The more logical approach would be that Landri put on the weight to be a nose tackle, but I think the real truth is that Landri put on the weight because he needs to increase his power so that he can hold the point better, in any defensive scheme.

Norman from Jacksonville:
I am asking you this question because I respect your opinion so much. Why is LeSean McCoy not the top-rated running back in this year's draft? All of the highlights I have seen show him as being so explosive.

Vic: He was well-positioned coming out of the season, but his postseason caused him to fall. He had the flu at the combine and didn't work out, and that meant his pro day would count double. Then he turned in a poor pro-day effort in the vertical and broad jumps, which are tools the scouts and coaches use to indicate explosion. His 40 time was OK; just under 4.5, which is OK for a short-area-quickness guy, which he is. His ball drills were OK, too, but he's not a big guy and he's coming out as a sophomore, and that has raised concerns about his readiness and maturity. Having said all of that, don't forget his name. If he makes it past Arizona at 31, he could become a hot candidate for the Jags in round two.

C.M. from Century City, CA:
Previously you said you wouldn't want a wide receiver in the first round because of how easy they are to find later on. Now that the Jaguars seem likely to pick Crabtree if available, you're changing your story to only being concerned about his foot, so as to not have egg on your face should the Jaguars draft him. You also did this when you retracted your stone cold BAP philosophy in favor of exceptions like offensive tackles, since the Jaguars also may take a non-BAP offensive tackle. You did this all the time during the Shack Harris era as well. You always toe the company line. You always adjust your philosophies to never, ever conflict with a Jaguars personnel move. You are the most hollow sportswriter in the biz, a true team shill. Also, I am in no way angry at you, so you needn't complain in your column about angry e-mailers. I'm simply pointing out how obviously fraudulent you are. That's all. Good day.

Vic: I'm just so glad you're not angry at me.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Why is it that so many fans and news media are so concerned about pounding Maurice Jones Drew 30 times a game? It would be foolish to use him like that. The days of the workhorse back are over. I never want to see one of the Jaguars end up like Earl Campbell. How they used Fred and Maurice two years ago was a thing of beauty. I would like to see some of these small-handed office boys run up the middle in the NFL a couple of times. Some people just don't get it.

Vic: Hey, everybody, its hate sportswriters day. That's OK, Don, yesterday was pay day. By the way, they don't pay guys $17.5 million to share the load. Any small-handed office boy could've told you that. Michael Turner got 376 carries last season. The most carries Campbell ever got in a season was 373. The days of the workhorse are clearly not over.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
Could you, would you, have helped a team smoke-screen the draft? Has a team tricked you into smoke-screening?

Vic: Have I or would I knowingly allow myself to be used? No. Have I ever been used? Absolutely.

Joe from Sanderson, FL:
The way things are looking, if the Chiefs pass on Curry, he could find his way down to the Jags at eight. What is your opinion on Curry? How would he fit into the Jags' plans at LB?

Vic: He won't be there. If he was available, he'd be an easy pick. How would he fit? Are you serious? He'd fit right at middle linebacker and very early in OTA's.

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