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Voters speak: We want the video

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Vic: The polls are closed and the votes have been counted. On the question, "Do you want 'Video Ask Vic' to continue?" 67 percent of the votes were "yes" and 33 percent, of course, were "no." There were a total of 2,874 votes. "Video Ask Vic" will continue, as I'm sure the whining and crying will also continue from the people who would halt progress. The difference now is that the whining and crying will fall on deaf ears. Nothing speaks louder than the popular vote, unless, of course, it's the 2000 general election. "Ask Vic," fortunately, does not have an electoral college and there will be no recount.

Dave from Jacksonville:
What's so hard about drafting Ted Ginn? You put the value on him, then, if he's the BAP when it's your time to draft, you draft him. Got to stick to the BAP drafting, right? In my opinion, if Ginn is there he should be a Jaguar. The only downside to him is his injury, which should be healed. The guy is a difference-maker; a speed burner the Jags truly need, even if Ginn came in and didn't work out.

Vic: If he's the highest-rated guy left on their board when it's their turn to pick, I say pick him, but you have to acknowledge the ramifications of selecting him. Number one, it means one of your young receivers is likely to get less playing time. Number two, he won't be fully recovered from his foot injury on draft day, therefore, you'd be drafting damaged goods.

David from St. Augustine, FL:
Attended the relocation event this past weekend. Man, did they get it right; much, much better than last year. No lines at all; in and out with a hello, thanks and goodbye. What an organization. Thanks, Jaguars.

Vic: That's nice to hear.

Jason from San Diego, CA:
I voted "no" on your poll. I personally love everything you do for this site, even the "Video Ask Vic," but I hate the whining and crying over it. It really irks me when I see someone try so hard to make something better and everyone just slams it. Whether you keep it or not, keep up the good work.

Vic: So, you voted "no" even though you like it. Whining and crying can have that effect. I often agree to do things I don't want to do, just to end the nagging. Why doesn't it work for me?

Cory from Keystone Heights, FL:
Don't you think a good quarterback is worth more in the draft than a really good wide receiver?

Vic: Always.

Greg from Carlsbad, CA:
I read that Mike Conley Sr., father of Mike Conley Jr., hopes to represent Greg Oden Jr. and is helping him decide whether to declare for this year's NBA draft. Greg Oden Sr. already announced that his son would enter the NBA draft. What do you think Greg Oden Jr. should do?

Vic: Juniors are not juniors if their middle initial is not the same as their father's. I have been unsuccessful in my efforts to uncover the middle initials of Ted Ginn Jr. and Ted Ginn Sr. If their middle initials are the same, then they are, in fact, Jr. and Sr. If their middle initials are not the same, then the whole thing is a fraud that was shamelessly advanced by Brent Musberger. I must know the truth, therefore, my search for the middle initials continues.

Ron from Virginia Beach, VA:
Who eats French fries with a fork?

Vic: It's not just the French fries. It's the cole slaw, too. I forgot to mention that the cole slaw is on the sandwich, too. Everything is in there. It saves time.

Ted from Oakland, CA:
Your fans will find absolutely anything to whine about. I would give my left foot for a daily column about the Packers, let alone a weekly video program. And all for free. The response from Jags fans? "Waaaaah, we want transcripts." Maybe you should play it safe and stick solely to answering questions about what color the Jags uniforms will be when they play the Colts and whether or not Byron is the starting quarterback today. I'm sorry, Vic, your column deserves much better.

Vic: At least they can't say the price is too high.

Alan from Buford, GA:
Let's do a poll on what causes more unnecessary bellyaching: a perfectly good Primanti Bros. sandwich with cheese and cole slaw that is washed down by several Iron City Golden Lagers, or a perfectly good enhancement to the already-stellar "Ask Vic" column that some people can't seem to appreciate. I don't know how you deal with all the unnecessary complaining. Something tells me on certain days you probably wish that wasn't just a cup of coffee on the right side of your keyboard.

Vic: Maybe sometimes it isn't.

Loftur from Reykjavík, Iceland:
After what round does the first day of the draft end?

Vic: The third round.

Jason from Jacksonville:
Are you going to blog the first day of the draft again this year?

Vic: Yes.

Rick from Rome, NY:
Why Adrian Peterson over Calvin Johnson? What is it about Johnson you don't like, or what is it about Peterson you do like?

Vic: Peterson will carry the ball 20-25 times a game. Johnson will catch it 5-6 times a game. Great running backs are more valuable than great wide receivers.

John from Jacksonville:
When are we going to see Matt Jones lined up at quarterback, like we saw the first couple of games in his rookie year? It was exciting and added a lot of possibilities.

Vic: I saw it enough.

Jarret from Crosby, ND:
I don't understand why you vehemently refuse to put up a transcript of "Video Ask Vic," if that's what people want.

Vic: This will be the final time I will plow this ground, so please pay attention. The written word doesn't always convey the meaning of the spoken word. The voice inflection I use in the video will get my meaning across, but that meaning could be lost in the written word. They are completely different mediums and should be treated as such. "Video Ask Vic" is not a PBS "Save the Whale" production for which transcripts are available by writing to a certain address and then being bombarded for donation requests the remainder of your natural life. We're not saving anything. We're just having a good time. I suggest you do the same.

Dave from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
After a shaky start in the NFL with the Packers, Ahmad Carroll was picked up off waivers and was given a shot to make the team here in Jacksonville. Being an RFA and being tendered with a value of a second-round pick, does this show that the team values him as a potential starter in the NFL at CB?

Vic: Ahmad Carroll was given the low tender, which is original draft pick compensation. In his case, however, that compensation translates into a second-round pick because he was originally a first-round pick but the Jaguars tendered Bobby McCray at the first-round level and there's a rule that says if you tender a guy who wasn't a first-round pick at the first-round level and you have another guy who was a first-round pick and you tender him at original draft pick compensation, then that guy drops to second-round compensation. Carroll was not tendered at second-round level, which would pay him $1.3 million in salary. He's at "original," which will pay him $850,000. Why would you tender a guy a level higher and pay him a higher salary when the compensation would be the same? What's his future with the Jaguars? I don't know.

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