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'Waiver e-mail,' now

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Sunil from Rochester, NY:
With all of the excitement over the new coaching regime, I know season ticket sales have been brisk. Can you give an update on how many new season tickets they have added to last year's total of 54,000?

Vic: The Jaguars have sold 7,900 new season tickets. Their current season-ticket figure is in the low 50,000 area.

Matt from Jacksonville:
I am a firm believer defense wins championships. Who do you see this year on the Jaguars defense who should have a breakout season?

Vic: Marcus Stroud is the first name that comes to mind. Next would be Akin Ayodele. Thirdly, Fernando Bryant appears to be motivated to have his best season in this, his contract year.

Shawn from Orlando, FL:
If a team has a restricted free agent who hasn't signed back with the team, is he required to participate in the mini-camps?

Vic: No, he would not be required to attend the mini-camps. But the restricted free agent signing period is over, so, it might be a good idea to attend the mini-camps.

Steve from Glenside, PA:
How have Darius' and Bryant's attitudes been at the latest camps? Are they leading or just going through the motions?

Vic: Jack Del Rio went out of his way to praise Donovin Darius' attitude in the post-draft mini-camp. I like what I see in Fernando Bryant.

Bryan from Milwaukee, WI:
Let's say Kyle Brady and the Jaguars part ways on June 1. Is there anyone currently on the roster who can step up and fill this role and be a reliable pass-catcher as well as hold a block? Or do you know of any established players at this position who may be available after the June 1 cuts who would be a good fit in our new system?

Vic: Chris Luzar would seem to be the best candidate to fill Kyle Brady's shoes. Johnnie Mitchell has been out of football for awhile and George Wrighster is a rookie. It's early in the year. Let's give the situation some time to develop. As far as picking up a tight end in June, the Steelers may release Mark Bruener, who is a top-notch blocker but a very average pass-catcher.

Ralph from Jacksonville:
Could you explain what a waiver wire is because you said in a previous answer that Stokes, for example, wouldn't have to pass through the waiver wire. I was just wondering what you meant by that.

Vic: The "waiver wire" is the NFL system by which players are released and offered to the rest of the league in the claims process. In the old days, the process really was done by wire. These days, it's done by e-mail. In the "waiver e-mail" process, a team has 24 hours to put in a claim for a released player. After the 24 hours have expired, the league awards the player to the claiming team that was highest in the "waiver e-mail" claims order. J.J. Stokes is a vested veteran, therefore, he would become an unrestricted free agent if he was released by the 49ers.

Cody from Jacksonville:
Can you give me the terms of Jamar Nesbit's and James Trapp's contracts they just signed with us?

Vic: Each player signed one-year contracts for minimum wage and a $25,000 signing bonus.

David from LaCanada, CA:
On there's a power ranking and the Jaguars fall at 28th, fourth-worst in the NFL. Do you consider that to be about right or do you think we could be a challenger for the AFC South title?

Vic: What good does it do to make predictions until training camp? What if there's a significant roster change or two in June? Ask me again in August.

Arlow from St. Augustine, FL:
When will practice be open on a weekend for fans to attend?

Vic: In training camp.

Todd from Toledo, OH:
What is going on with Jermaine Lewis? The Jags signed him a few months ago and I have heard nothing of him ever since. I know he is a great special teams player, but what do you think his chances are of possibly being the second or third receiver for the Jags next season?

Vic: Jermaine Lewis is a kick-returner. I do not consider him to be a candidate for the second or third wide receiver positions.

Mike from Ormond Beach, FL:
Why would Mr. Weaver go public with the fact that this would be Brunell's last year?

Vic: Wayne Weaver did not go public with that information; Mark Brunell did.

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