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We'll see if he can pick 'em

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tom from New York, NY:
Vic, is it just me, or have the Jaguars been involved in more crazy circumstances than any NFL team practically ever? First there was the Andersen miss in 1996, then the Orlando Brown attack on the ref, the Plaxico Burress spike-fumble, the beer bash in Cleveland, the Saints miracle play. I feel like I'm missing one, but that would seem like a lot for the Giants, not just the expansion Jags. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Vic: I agree with you; that's a lot of weird stuff for a young team. Here's one that still makes me laugh: I never thought I would be riding on a team plane that buzzed its fans at two o'clock in the morning. I'll never forget it. I was sitting in a window seat putting the finishing touches on my Jaguars-Broncos playoff game story when the pilot dipped his wing, causing me to look out the window at a half-full Alltel Stadium. We were so low I felt as though I should wave back.

Ron from Moorestown, NJ:
Was a player at one time allowed to try and block a field goal attempt from in the end zone by jumping up and deflecting a ball that may be just barely over the crossbar? I seem to remember this being allowed at one time.

Vic: There is no "goaltending" rule in the NFL. Go ahead, jump up and knock it down. But don't do what Brady Keys did. Keys was an accomplished cornerback in the 1960s. He was deployed for a possible return on a long Jim Bakken field-goal attempt. In those days, the goalposts were on the goal line. Anyhow, Keys decided to jump up and block Bakken's kick, and the Cardinals recovered at the one-yard line.

Carson from Tampa, FL:
Do we know which Jaguars players will be sent to NFL Europe during this offseason?

Vic: As of now, these four players have been allocated to NFL Europe: CB Chris Brown, G Konrad Dean, DE Michael Josiah and LB Curtis Randall.

Tim from Crescent City, FL:
I love this "Ask Vic" questions column. You keep saying the best available player. I agree 100 percent with you, but what player in the draft, if he fell to the Jags pick, would you most like to see on the team next year? There has to be one that stands out to you.

Vic: If Larry Fitzgerald is ruled eligible for the draft, he sure would be a good fit for the Jaguars.

Davi from Saint Augustine, FL:
In the playoffs, if the teams go into overtime and if they're still tied in the end, what happens?

Vic: One period spills into another. There is no end until someone scores.

Mike from Albany, NY:
I'm going to ask again because I saw another question about the draft. What if the best available player is Eli Manning?

Vic: This is the last time I'm going to answer this, so I hope everybody is reading it: You trade down, and I assure you, a quarterback of Eli Manning's talents will certainly provide a trade-down offer. What's important is that the value of the pick is always maintained. If Manning is the highest-rated player at that spot, then picking a lower-rated player would result in a loss of that pick's value. If you don't want the player, then move down to where the player you want fits, and get the added value of another draft choice, too. And what if all of those teams who want Manning think you're bluffing? Then pick him and trade him; let them all know you don't bluff. If you want Manning, you gotta deal with us.

Mathias from Madison, WI:
Hey, Vic, your column is the best thing that's ever happened to the internet. I'm very German, if you can't tell by my last name, which, by the way, is Rommelfanger. I was just wondering if there is anyone in the NFL with such a weird German name like mine?

Vic: Not right now, but you'll only have to wait four months. Ben Roethlisberger will be one of next April's top draft choices.

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I loved your articles on Peterson and Meester. At the conclusion of each article you mention previous winners. Any chance of publishing the articles from years past? It would be a nice nostalgic read for Jag fans.

Vic: That would take up too much room on the site. If you have a question about one of the past winners, ask away. We've got all offseason.

Jim from Jacksonville:
Whatever happened to former Jags running back Tavian Banks, who had a horrible knee injury? Did he ever try to come back, or is he out of football forever?

Vic: Tavian Banks suffered a catastrophic knee injury in the final minutes of the Jaguars' win in Atlanta in 1999. He made it back to the point that he was in the Saints' training camp last summer, but he was cut and is out of football.

Jose from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts about Coughlin in the "Big Apple?" Can he help these under-achievers?

Vic: He's just what the doctor ordered.

Kong from Appleton, WI:
After watching the early games this season, in my opinion, Brunell looked better than he did in 2001 and 2002; he actually played like a starting QB. Do you think any team out there will give him a chance to show the league what he can do with a potent team?

Vic: Potent teams usually don't need starting quarterbacks, but Mark Brunell will have ample opportunity to sign with a team this offseason and turn them into a potent team next season. Dallas, Miami, Arizona and San Diego are all teams that come to mind.

Johan from Gothenburg, Sweden:
A question from a Jaguars fan all the way from Sweden, who closely follows the Jaguars and your column: You wrote in your last report that "Mike Peterson was the Jaguars' total-tackles leader," but when you look on the stats section on, it says he has 100 total tackles, while Akin Ayodele has 115. I know the number of tackles can vary quite a lot, depending on who does the counting, but I think the number of tackles that are written on and done by NFL representatives should be the official number? Do you use an other way of calculating the stats?

First of all, there is no official tackles scoreboard. The numbers are tallied by the home team's game-day stats crew. Then the numbers are often adjusted the following day by the individual teams, after their coaching staffs review tape of the game and do a more accurate accounting of the tackles. That's the best source of tackles information. The Jaguars list Akin Ayodele as having 97 solo tackles and 53 assists, and Mike Peterson as having 87 solo tackles and 80 assists. That gives Ayodele 150 total tackles and Peterson 167, which is the most total tackles on the team.

Justin from Jacksonville:
There are four great games being played this weekend, and I bet I can pick who's gonna win. Here's my winning teams for this weekend's playoff games: Carolina, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Philadelphia. I'll be 4-0; watch and see. The Super Bowl will be the Titans and the Eagles, and the Eagles will win. I know how to pick 'em, buddy.

Vic: All right, everybody, remember his name. We'll see if he knows how to pick 'em.

Alfredo from Dayton, OH:
I am doing some research on Hispanic coaches in the NFL. The name Del Rio is Hispanic. What nationality would Del Rio be?


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