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What choice do we have?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jason from Middleburg, FL:
I was listening to your radio program (Wednesday night) and I have a question for you. What is the difference and purpose of the "nickel" and "dime" defenses? I am not sure.

Vic: The purpose of those specialty defenses is to get more defensive backs onto the field in obvious passing situations. "Nickel" is five defensive backs and "dime" is six.

Mike from New York, NY:
What happened to the Jags and why didn't they pull the "tomato-colored" helmets of the Bills down to their shoulders as you suggested? If anyone was affected by the heat it was probably the Jaguars. Perhaps a realistic view of the Jags rather than the fans-eye view is in order.

Vic: Mike, you gotta stop drinking water from the Love Canal. It's making you too angry.

Phillip from Palm Coast, FL:
Please clarify your view on this team. It seems your butt is firmly planted on top of the fence. You always tell people you preach patience, yet, your articles at times have an urgency to them (see your article headline for 9-17, "Jags need win, now").

Vic: There wasn't enough room for, "Jags need win, now, but a loss would be OK, too." Phil, my view of this team remains the same: It's rebuilding and it's going to take time before we see lasting results. Nobody likes it when I say to be patient, but what choice do we have?

Jimmy from Jacksonville:
This is my second posting of this question. I do not know how long it takes for a response. Please forgive me for rushing. Anyway, am I crazy for still believing in Mark Brunell? I believe if he was not one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the NFL every year, he would be a dangerous quarterback. I think we need more protection up front, not a new quarterback. Am I wrong?

Vic: Jimmy, welcome to "Ask Vic," but you need to understand something: All questions don't get answered. It pains me to say that but I'm glad you've given me this opportunity to communicate with everyone who's wondering why their questions haven't been published. Folks, I'm sorry. I get great questions every day that don't make their way into publication. But I can tell you this: I read every one of them. That is the absolute truth. OK, Jimmy, now for your question. Should you continue to believe in Mark Brunell? Absolutely. He has been a sensational player for this team and I'm sure he'll be a sensational player for another team next season. This is a tough game for tough guys. The Jaguars made a decision to move on at the quarterback position, and it's going to happen; probably before this year is over.

Jason from MacClenny, FL:
Who do you think is/was the most talented player in NFL history?

Vic: Jim Brown is the easy answer, but I don't like easy answers. I do believe that had Gale Sayers' career not ended so quickly he would've set combined-yardage standards for the ages. Imagine Sayers in today's game: thousand-yard rusher, big-play kickoff and punt-returner and back-out-of-the-backfield pass-catcher. But Brown stands as the easy answer.

Jorge from Orlando, FL:
What time is your radio show on?

Vic: Brian Sexton, Cole Pepper and I do a one-hour "Jaguars Reporters" show at six p.m. on Mondays, and Sexton, Jeff Lageman and I babble for two hours on "Jaguars This Week" at six p.m. on Wednesdays. The shows air on 690, WOKV.

Bill from Jacksonville:
Which will happen first, the Jags winning a game or you shooting another 75?

Vic: Nice shot.

Doug from Jacksonville:
How does the cutting of McCree and others who were on the opening-day roster affect the cap? Since McCree signed on with Houston, does that drop his cap number from Jacksonville? I remember when discussing Brunell in preseason that being on the opening-day roster guaranteed his salary for the season. Same for McCree?

Vic: It's not the same. Mark Brunell is a vested veteran (four or more accrued seasons). The moment he played in one game, he was guaranteed his full salary for the year. Marlon McCree is a non-vested veteran. As a result, McCree's salary is game-by-game. So, when the Jaguars cut McCree after the second game of the season, they owed him nothing more and his salary cap hit this year would be his two-game salary and the little bit of amortization that was remaining. In short, McCree was not a move motivated by salary cap concerns. His hit was too minor to impact that decision.

Daryn from Gainesville, FL:
I find myself laughing a lot while reading your "Ask Vic" columns throughout the year. Which questions/comments do you find more amusing? The questions in July asking why the Jaguars weren't being more active in free agency after June 1 cuts to make a push toward the playoffs? Or the same fans in September asking why the team isn't developing its young talent for the future?

Vic: I like the way you think.

Tyler from Jacksonville:
I know you don't like to give too much of your opinion about issues in this column, but I think we would all be curious to know what you would change if you could change one thing about the Jaguars and what they do on Sundays. Run the ball more? Play more conservatively? Blitz more?

Vic: Oh, yeah, I hate giving my opinion. Well, I'll give it a try. Tyler, what I'd like to change is the team's decision not to completely dedicate this season to rebuilding. I would've preferred the team be more aggressive in its roster decisions. I'm not into that play-calling stuff. That's for video-game people. The greatest teams in NFL history were the most predictable.

Vince from Jacksonville:
When will Byron Leftwich be the Jaguars starting quarterback? And when will Jacksonville cut Brunell?

Vic: Before I break 80 again.

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