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When does overtime begin?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Green Cove Springs, FL:
How is attendance figured? Do they actually count all the tickets with a machine or make up a number?

Vic: The Jaguars use turnstile count. For the first several years in the team's history, they used the eye method; they guessed.

Buck from Jacksonville:
Vic, the GM search should be an easy choice if the Jags are in this business to win. Tom Modrak is the no-brainer here. The teams he has worked with and help build are year-in and year-out contenders, not one-hit wonders. Phil Savage has not had the experience or impact on his franchise Modrak has had. Mr. Weaver has stated he wanted separation of power, not a package deal. I have faith he will pick the two-best candidates who will give the Jags the best chance to win now and for years to come. What are your thoughts on this?

Vic: I agree that Tom Modrak is a proven commodity, but Phil Savage's track record in Baltimore is very impressive. If Savage is Wayne Weaver's man, then I'll have to believe it's for the reason of bringing in someone young who can shape his philosophies and methods of operation at the same time Jack Del Rio is developing his.

Jim from Jacksonville:
If I see another article about how "hurt" Steve McNair is, I'm going to throw up. If he's that hurt, how come he can play without a problem? Simple; he's not that hurt. What is the deal with the press' obsession with McNair and his so-called injuries?

Vic: I agree with you. We're all playing hurt.

Steve from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Here's the softball question of the week. What's your general take on the Del Rio hiring?

Vic: You can read the long version in my column that begins on the home page. The short version is this: Wayne Weaver was charmed by Jack Del Rio's personality, good looks and potential for being popular with the fans, along with Del Rio's reputation for being a young coach on the rise.

Scott from Crossville, TN:
What are the chances the league will consider changing the way overtime is played?

Vic: I think there's a very strong chance the overtime process will be altered, but, frankly, I like it the way it is. When does overtime really begin? If you can't count on winning the coin toss, doesn't overtime begin with a team's final possession of regulation. Remember last year's Super Bowl? The Patriots chose to be aggressive in their final possession instead of playing for overtime, and the strategy worked. If overtime wasn't sudden death, they probably would've run out the clock. I don't think the college way of doing it is entirely fair, either. I think it penalizes teams that are built on strong defense, because a field goal is all but assured.

Tyler from Jacksonville:
What are some of the things Wayne Weaver discusses with the people he interviews? What are some of the things he looks for and asks in particular?

Vic: Obviously, Wayne Weaver would want to know about a coach's offensive and defensive philosophies, and other such important football matters. But he would also ask questions about the coach's stance on opening training camp to fans and having players sign autographs. The questions are many and they involve all facets of the organization; from football operations to marketing.

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