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Where was parity in playoffs?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joe from Jacksonville:
I was just wondering if you have heard if the Jaguars are going to have a draft-day party like last year. I went last year and found it to be very interesting; might be a good way to pump some interest into the fans with this era coming up.

Vic: The Jaguars are currently making plans for this year's draft-day party.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
The following is a quote from ESPN: "MLB Gerald Hayes (Pittsburgh): A tackling machine during his career with the Panthers, but doesn't have the size and maybe not the range to start at the next level. Measured in at under six feet and kept dodging questions about his height, with good reason. There's no doubt Hayes is a good player but he might spend a career covering kicks." I'm sure that you said this guy will be an outstanding run-stuffer, but ESPN thinks he's going to be covering punts. What's up with Hayes and what's wrong with his height?

Vic: If you're looking for a tackling machine at inside or middle linebacker, I think he's the guy. He was very impressive against Miami and Virginia Tech.

Chuck from North Augusta, SC:
Vic, on several occasions you have given the names of several players you think represent the future our team. Unless I am mistaken, you have not mentioned DT John Henderson. What is your opinion of our first-round draft pick?

Vic: John Henderson is clearly one of the Jaguars' core players for the future. A few weeks ago I was asked what five players I would select from the Jaguars' roster if I was starting a new team. I did not include John Henderson among my five, but that doesn't mean he's not in the Jaguars' future. He has rare size and power and he plays next to another young man (Marcus Stroud) who offers the same kind of physical intimidation. But I have to see Henderson play lower and better against the run.

Paul from Jacksonville:
Vic, I know it's going to be a long time before we're able to grade the new regime on the job they're doing, but so far I see cause for concern. We've slapped a franchise tag on a good (but not great) safety who will likely cost entirely too much money over the long haul. So far this new staff seems to be saying the right things (they say they don't want to overpay for talent) but their actions are incongruent with the talk. If you were in charge of this transitional phase that the team is currently going through, what would you do?

Vic: Continue to repair the salary cap and reconstruct the roster. Give them time.

Mike from Atlanta, GA:
I've been hearing some complaints from some fans who miss the dynasty days of the NFL; the 49ers and Cowboys of the '80's and '90's and the Steelers of the '70's. Personally, I like seeing teams like the Rams, Patriots and Ravens pulling off surprise wins. They give hope to this Jaguar fan that our day will arrive, too. I think these Cinderella success stories are good for the NFL. What's your opinion?

Vic: I have no problem with parity, but I have to wonder why it didn't exist in last season's playoffs. Other than for three games, the postseason was a dog. If we have parity, what was with all of the blow-outs?

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