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Who will join me?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jason from Orange Park, FL:
Please save me, Vic. I listened to the radio this morning and heard a Gator fan call out Wayne Weaver, saying that Mr. Weaver didn't understand that Jacksonville is Gators territory and that the pick Thursday night proved he still doesn't. I'm losing heart, Vic. In life, sometimes you get into a relationship where one person loves the second person to death but the second person only kind of likes the first person. I get the feeling this is the situation here. Mr. Weaver and the Jaguars love Jacksonville but Jacksonville seems to kind of only like the Jaguars and really loves the Gators. In those cases, it is usually best for both sides to part ways.

Vic: I never understood why you couldn't like both teams. I love college football and I love the NFL game and I've never felt as though one threatened the other. Growing up, the same people that rooted for Pitt and Penn State on Saturday rooted for the Steelers on Sunday. That's not completely how it is here. There would seem to be a cultural divide, not only among the fans but among the media, too. I get the sense that you're a fan of one or the other, not both. The idea of drafting a particular player because that would endear the team to the fans of the college team for which that player played is illogical. Once that player puts on the uniform of his new team, his college days are over and neither he nor the feeling he generated among his fans will ever be the same again. The sad fact of all this is that this cultural divide to which I have referred would seem to be worsening. This whole Tebow madness, by no fault of his, has exacerbated the problem. I guess the time has come that I have to accept it and acknowledge it. Apparently, we can't be both. In Jacksonville, you're either one or the other and it would seem the time has come to declare, so I will. I am a pro football guy and I support the future of professional football in Jacksonville. Who will join me?

Ryan from Clyde, OH:
Thanks for all that you do. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the Jaguars pick but I wanted to hear your thoughts so you could slap me straight. I watched some of his highlights and after reading what you and some other people said about him, I am okay with him. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it pays off.

Vic: You're referring to Tyson Alualu, of course, and I am more than fine with him. In my business, after a pick is made, reporters start calling each other to discuss what we know and have heard about the pick. In other words, we try to help each other out. I'll ask a Jaguars scout what he thinks of the Steelers' pick, for example, and my buddy in Pittsburgh will ask around up there what the opinion is of the Jaguars' pick, and then we'll share that information. Well, I can tell you that Alualu got rave reviews from my reporter friends. Alualu was fast-rising in the days leading up to the draft and the Jaguars were doing their best to keep him under the radar. Gene Smith told me that when he walked into the radio studio on Wednesday and looked at the mock draft board we had assembled for that night's radio show, he saw Alualu's name on the board and he knew right away that I had the pick sniffed out. Gene told me it was the first time he had seen Alualu's name in a mock draft and it made him anxious. The Jaguars had him targeted. He was their guy. They kept quiet on him because they wanted to be able to trade down and get him, but they couldn't get down so they were left with no option but to pick him. I'll tell you this, a certain coach who's won a Super Bowl loves him. If I'm reading the situation correctly, Alualu has a chance to be a star player. That's not an opinion I got from watching tape; I am not a scout, I'm a reporter. That's an opinion I got from the information I've gathered from outside sources. Take or leave it. Soon enough, we'll know what the truth is.

Adam from Jacksonville:
When I first saw Tyson Alualu, I couldn't help but think of Haloti Ngata. What do you think of the comparison?

Vic: They're completely different types of players. Ngata is a hold-the-point, one-technique or zero-technique type of defensive tackle. He's the classic nose tackle type. Alualu is a penetrating, three-technique type of defensive tackle. He's the classic under-tackle.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
Tyson Alualu forced a Tim Tebow fumble in the Senior Bowl. Irony?

Vic: I guess so, but it's time to let the Tebow thing go. It's over. He's moved on with his life. He will grow into a professional football player. It's time for us to grow, too.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
I just read Friday's "Ask Vic" addition and I'm sorry. You do an awesome job and I sincerely hope this column has not contributed to your health issues. I had to drive to Savannah and back for business this morning and, after everything I heard on the radio, I am embarrassed to be a Jags fan. On the air, literally, nine out of 10 people think they know more than our GM, who has a BLESTO pedigree, is a true scout and works from four a.m. to 11p.m. every day trying to better this roster. Even the talking heads were bashing him. I'm not shocked, I just think it's ridiculous.

Vic: It is ridiculous. Let me say this: I think GM Gene came close to getting the trade up into the second round he needed to be able to draft Sean Lee. That's the lone regret of this draft so far, that he couldn't get that trade up to pick Lee, a player the Jaguars had targeted and who, along with Alualu, would've changed the face of the Jaguars defense this season. I have never heard a coach offer greater praise of a prospect than linebackers coach Mark Dufner did of Lee. Disappointment, however, is something with which teams must deal in the draft because you're not always going to get your guy. I can't help but recall what happened to Bill Belichick when he was the Browns' coach and the Jets drafted Kyle Brady a pick ahead of the Browns. Belichick had his heart set on Brady. It blew Belichick away so badly that he had to pass on his pick and then came back with a trade down and a ridiculous selection. It may have cost him his job. It brings to mind something Chuck Noll used to say: "Never fall in love with a guy." Well, I think the Jaguars were in love with Lee, but they rebounded nicely, and it's because Smith had the discipline to stick to his best available player philosophy. I'm getting some solid reports on D'Anthony Smith, the Jags' third-round pick. As I wrote in yesterday's editorial, consider defensive tackle fixed for a long, long time.

Bonnie from Jacksonville:
I noticed in your blog during the draft that you said GM Gene would have to be "Hodini" to gain a second-round pick. I think Tiger Woods or Jesse James might have had a mistress named Hodini. I believe that you meant to refer to Houdini. I'm sure it was just a typo, but I just wanted to clear that up.

Vic: I'm so glad you did. There can be no tolerance for these kinds of errors.

Pete from South Setauket, NY:
If Tebow sells tickets, shouldn't the opener against Denver be a guaranteed sellout?

Vic: I don't know and I don't care. It's time to let this go. It's time that we all grow up.

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