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Williams demands discipline

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Dixie, GA:
What does the defensive line have to do to stop Ricky Williams from running over 100 yards? The Giants did an excellent job, holding him to just 39 yards on 22 carries.

Vic: The answer is gang-tackle. That's what the Giants did; they ran everybody to the ball. But you open yourself up to reverses and misdirections. The Dolphins scored on a 55-yard reverse. After they had gotten nearly the entire Giants defense flowing to the left sideline, the ball was reversed to the right side. Ricky Williams didn't get credit for the 55 yards, but he made it happen. That's what great backs and great running games do. They make defenses over-play the ball. The Jaguars will attempt a more disciplined approach to stopping Williams. We'll see if it works.

Matt from Gainesville, FL:
I'm having a hard time making a decision, so help me out. Would you have gone for two after our last touchdown against San Diego to make it a seven-point game, or would you have kicked the extra point and hope they would miss theirs?

Vic: A two-point try would've probably made more sense, but with a 27-14 lead and only 1:47 to play, a two-point try may have been guilty of over-analysis. Just stop them. But I understand what you're saying.

Cole from Tallahassee, FL:
The Jaguars have had so many awesome victories in their history, especially the Jags-Falcons game that put the Jaguars in the playoffs. What is your most memorable Jaguars game?

Vic: There are three that immediately come to mind: the playoff win in Denver, and the two games against the Steelers in 1997.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
With the trade deadline looming, do you think trading Brunell is a viable option? Do you think anyone would be willing to take him?

Vic: I'll paint the circumstances for you and let you decide: To trade for Mark Brunell would be to accept what remains of his salary this season, which would be about $4.37 million after this Sunday's game. Of course, that money could be structured in such a way (paid as bonus) that could fit Brunell onto a new team's salary cap. So, from that standpoint, it's possible. The question is, what team would be interested now that wasn't interested in August? As far as the Jaguars' salary cap is concerned, they would save on this year's cap the "about $4.37 million" in salary that would be assumed by the other team, but $2 million in remaining amortization would accelerate onto this year's cap. What would be good about that is the Jaguars would have nothing left to claim on their 2004 cap. Find a team that's interested and I think you gotta deal.

Chad from Easley, SC:
When you see a coach on the sideline wearing a headset, who is he talking to and can he switch channels to talk to someone else?

Vic: Offensive coaches are on one link, defensive coaches are on another, and Jack Del Rio is linked to all of them.

Patrick from Lima, OH:
How does the official know the TV stations are taking a commercial opportunity? And how do they know they are back?

Vic: The television networks have a sideline representative who commnicates all of that information to the referee. He's the guy wearing the big orange gloves.

Jason from Milton, FL:
I've been following your responses to people's complaints about Leftwich becoming the starter and, frankly, you don't have the football savvy you think all the rest of us commoners need. I am all for starting Leftwich, just do it next year. Dan Reeves did Vick no disservice by letting him play second during his first year. It seems to me the amount of successful QBs who start in their second years far outweigh those who start their first year. And, please, don't throw Marino up because as great as he was, he was never a winner. This allows them time to learn under a seasoned QB and get a good feel for the level of NFL play. By your own admission, the Jags aren't playoff material this season due to rebuilding the team, so why thrust him into the thick of it all right now? Even if he should succeed this year, I believe it's a mistake to start him so quickly. Am I incorrect or is there something going on that I'm just not seeing?

Vic: I don't think you're seeing 19 of 28 for 336 yards, two touchdowns, a 132.4 passer rating and a win. I think you picked a bad week to make your point.

Dan from Jacksonville:
Will you explain what the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list is? How is it different than injured reserve? Is there a difference between football and non-football-related injuries for the PUP?

Vic: PUP is a place where you can put a player and then take him off during a window period in the middle of the season, without having to pass that player through waivers. But that player must be put on the PUP list before training camp begins. A player on the injured reserve list is, under normal circumstances, lost for the season. Yes, there is a difference between football-related and non-football-related injuries. If a player has sustained a non-football-related injury, the team may withhold his salary.

Jacques from London, England:
Following up from one of your offseason columns: Does anything about the Indianapolis Colts "excite" you now?

Vic: Their record does; 5-0 is a great start and would seem to make them a lock for the playoffs. But before I get truly "excited" about the Colts, I have to see two things happen: 1) Sustain their play on defense. In fact, I think we saw some cracks in the armor this past Monday, which caused the Colts to fall to 16th in total defense (20th against the run and 13th against the pass). 2) Peyton Manning has to prove to me he can win a playoff game. To this point in his career, Manning has been very disappointing in big games. He's 0-3 in the NFL playoffs and was 0-4 against Florida while at Tennessee (by the way, his brother is 2-0 against Florida). Tennessee didn't win a national title until Manning left and Tee Martin became the quarterback. So, before you get too excited, you might want to look at the calendar. If the Colts are winning in January and Manning plays to the level of a championship quarterback, I'll acknowledge those facts and you won't even have to ask.

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