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With win, Jaguars will be number one

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Catherine from Jacksonville:
Your answer to the uniform question made me laugh out loud. What color pants will you be wearing on Monday night?

Vic: I'll be wearing my khaki pants.

Thomas from Jacksonville:
My oldest brother is a die-hard Steelers fan and I am, of course, a dedicated Jaguars fan. I have an extra ticket for the game and he had the audacity to ask if he could join me at the game. I, of course, denied his request. I've already got that feeling that a lot of Jaguars fans have sold out, but I'm not going to contribute to that nonsense.

Vic: That's it. You probably had to wear his hand-me-downs when you were growing up. Let him pay three, four times face value. Monday night is your chance to stick it to big brother.

Lane from Orlando, FL:
There's definitely something going on with the Colts injury report. This week, Jason David is listed as questionable with a tooth injury. In total, they have 17 players listed as questionable.

Vic: That's not Tony. I smell coach Polian at work.

Mack from Jacksonville:
You said last week the average age of teams would be out this week. Where do the Jaguars rank?

Vic: The average age of NFL teams on opening day was 26.70. The Jaguars average age on opening day was 26.17, which made the Jaguars the third-youngest team in the league. Tennessee is the youngest, followed by Indianapolis.

Beau from Burlington, NJ:
It's a scary thought that we are two wins away from being considered as the top team in the league. I am going to miss being underdogs. I kind of like it.

Vic: The Jaguars aren't two wins away from being the top team in my power rankings; they're one win away. If they beat the Steelers on Monday night, I'm gonna make them number one on Tuesday. In my opinion, that's what beating the Super Bowl champions is worth.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
Would Del Rio consider going to a 3-4 defense against the Colts now that Reggie Hayward is out?

Vic: Jack Del Rio's defensive line personnel has been depleted. He'll make adjustments and playing an occasional three-man front may be one of them. It's the kind of thing you have to do out of necessity. Coaches can be very creative with personnel. They prefer to have everybody healthy and playing their base-defense position, but when they have to pencil-whip a team, this staff can do it.

Ben from Fayetteville, AR:
Why are you cutting Matt Jones down and saying he is only a possession receiver? He's 24 years old and has been playing receiver for all of 16 months. Matt will be the best thing to ever happen to the Jags, mark my word.

Vic: Why is "possession receiver" a dirty term? Keenan McCardell is a "possession receiver." So is Keyshawn Johnson and Hines Ward and a lot of other great receivers. That doesn't mean they don't score touchdowns. McCardell began this season with 826 receptions for 10,698 yards and 62 touchdowns in what has now become a 16-year career. I compared Matt Jones to McCardell and I would've thought you would've taken that as a compliment. I'll tell you this, if Jones does what McCardell has done in his career, he'll be inducted into the "Pride of the Jaguars." You can count on that. I wasn't cutting Jones down. I thought I was complimenting him. What do you people want? I said he'll catch a lot of passes for a lot of years. That's bad? What I'm trying to do is adjust the expectation for him. I think we all watched the highlight film of him and thought that was going to happen at this level. Forget about it. That's ridiculous. In fact, I think Matt is the victim of unfair expectations as a result of that highlight film. What I was attempting to convey in my remarks on Thursday is that, in my opinion, Matt's size and soft hands are his greatest traits and, therefore, they will be the centerpiece of what he becomes. I see him learning to use his long arms to reach out for the ball and his big body to shield defenders. Let's not forget, a lot of draft talk was about making Jones a tight end. I'm beginning to see him more as a face-up receiver rather than as a catch-it-on-the-run guy. That doesn't mean he's not going to make big plays or catch deep passes. I just don't see the wild runner the highlight film portrayed. What I see is a player of control. I think you want what Matt was in college. In my opinion, those days are gone. Matt is becoming a new kind of player. He's becoming a professional football player, which means he's learning to be a craftsman. All of this is an opinion. Maybe I'll be wrong. To date, I don't think I am.

Richard from Woonsocket, RI:
You said the Patriots weren't going to let Branch hold them hostage and set a precedent. How about last year when Seymour held out for an extension and got it? That didn't set a precedent?

Vic: There's a big difference between Deion Branch and Richard Seymour. First of all, Seymour only held out six days. He was back in training camp on Aug. 3. Still, there's a lot more to it than that. Seymour is a premium player. He's an elite player who's worth the big money. I doubt that you understand that logic because you probably have "wide receiver fever," but please trust me when I tell you there is a premium on big guys and Seymour is one of the elite big guys in the league. The precedent for elite big guys was set long ago; they win. The Patriots aren't cheap. They'll dig deep to keep an elite player. Clearly, they don't think Branch is an elite player. Clearly, they believe they can replace him and I have no doubt they can. The issue is, can they replace him this year at this late date? That's where this could hurt them. They didn't become a better team for this season by losing Branch. They probably, however, will become a better team in the future as a result of the first-round pick they got for him. The Patriots see the big picture and that'll keep them at the top.

Charles from Tampa, FL:
Why did the Redskins give up a draft choice for T.J. Duckett and it appears as though there isn't a place for him on their roster? I just don't understand Washington and Seattle giving away draft picks. Help me understand.

Vic: They don't see the big picture. They only see now and those kinds of teams will always have their "pockets" picked by teams that are willing to risk short-term pain for long-term gain.

Scott from Woodbridge, VA:
What is your opinion of the QB carousel in Tennessee? First, Billy Volek is the starter, now they want to trade him. Now, it's Kerry Collins? Are the Titans really that bad off?

Vic: If I was Jeff Fisher, I'd get whatever I could for whoever I didn't want, put Vince Young in at quarterback and get on with it.

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