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Women's History Month Spotlight: "I love being able to tell people I am a woman… who owns my own law firm."


JACKSONVILLE – We have all heard the saying "the more you can do."

Of course, it helps in the business world being able to wear multiple hats and excel at multiple things. What's even better? Being able to juggle a full-time career, athletic hobby and a television side-gig. Yeah, that's a lot and Lauren Prater, does it masterfully.

Lauren, a career and hobby juggling extraordinaire, is a lawyer here in Jacksonville. In addition to her full-time career, she is going into her fourth year as a ROAR Cheerleader for the Jaguars and appears on Court TV, arguing for and against cases on live television.

Alongside her two partners, the firm is expected to launch in early April and she is currently taking new cases. This Women's History Month, Prater has reflected on what it means to be a black woman in the legal system and an NFL cheerleader.

"In this world when you see successful lawyers, you tend to think of men," Prater said matter-of-factly. "Right now, I, and all the powerful women in this industry, are constantly overcoming obstacles. People will have preconceived notions; it is my job to put my best foot forward and be the most prepared person in the courtroom." 

Being prepared just comes natural to Prater. As a practicing attorney and the youngest tenured captain for the ROAR of the Jaguars, she has two full schedules to juggle in addition to being a mentor to her teammates and an example of being so much more than a pretty face.

"As a member of the ROAR, there are so many layers to myself and all of my beautiful and accomplished teammates. As cheerleaders, we have the unique opportunity to represent a woman's ability to be glamorous, athletic, intelligent and dynamic. It is truly a privilege.” Lauren Prater, Captain of The ROAR

Representation is everything to Prater. As a young black woman she knows all about the weight on her shoulders, and she does not take it lightly.

"There are not a lot of black women being represented in the legal field," says Prater. "I take it very seriously. It is important to see the perspective of women in the legal industry and really, any industry." 

Lauren Prater did not get to where she is overnight. It has taken A LOT of hard work - and powering through a "No" here and there – to achieve the success she has seen, on and off the field. As a prime example of what can happen when you continue to push forward, Prater encourages young women to keep pushing through boundaries.

"No means nothing," Prater said with a smile. "Women should not fear rejection. History has shown that, when we push past adversity, we break down barriers and find success! Stay diligent and put the best version of you out there every day."

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