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Yes, it was disappointing

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Jacksonville:
It's hard to hear but 3-4 isn't much better than 1-6. I wouldn't be surprised if the Titans rally to win a few more games than the Jags and we end up in the divisional cellar at the end of the season. But you were honest and correct upfront in that we should stay grounded with our expectations, even though at times there are glimpses of playoff hopes.

Vic: I'm trying to understand the frustration. The disappointment I share, but I don't quite get the frustration because anybody who knows anything about football had to know this was going to be a rebuilding year and expectations should've been adjusted accordingly. As you can see, the Jaguars are struggling to be competitive. What does that tell you?

Kenny from San Diego, CA:
I know the fans are probably all gonna say they should've given the ball to Maurice more, but when you get doubled up in time of possession and your passing game can't convert anything, isn't that pretty difficult? Running the ball every down isn't gonna get the job done.

Vic: When you only have the ball for 20:17, run only 49 plays, your quarterback has a passer rating of 35.9, the opponent's quarterback has a passer rating of 114.1 and the opponent rushes for 305 yards, you're not gonna win. It's just that simple. The Jags got whipped. There's no other way to describe what happened.

Corey from Fort White, FL:
I know this is a rebuilding year and it takes players not plays, but how could they justify only eight carries for Jones-Drew?

Vic: You can't justify eight carries for a guy who averaged 22.1 yards per carry. When we meet with Jack Del Rio later today, I'm sure he'll agree that Maurice Jones-Drew should've gotten a lot more carries. I'm also sure Del Rio will point to 49 plays as one of the reasons Jones-Drew didn't get more carries.

James from Jacksonville:
I guess that's the kind of performance that blatantly says "R" not "P," eh? I can't say I'm surprised. With such inexperience in several key positions, inconsistency is part of the process. I hope this doesn't add fuel to the nay-sayers' fire. This team just needs time.

Vic: Inconsistency isn't a cause, it's a result. I hear coaches say over and over that their teams need to be more consistent, and I think to myself, "Get better players and you'll be more consistent." Yeah, the Jaguars need time, but today's football fan isn't big on patience. What's the solution? Be strong in the face of criticism and keep doing what you're doing. That's all any team can do. The roster needs to be rebuilt and one draft isn't going to get it done.

Brian from Jacksonville:
After the opening drive, you blogged that you didn't like what you saw. Did you have a feeling at that point the game might not turn out well?

Vic: I wasn't looking that far ahead. I didn't like what I saw on defense because I could see the Titans' offensive line was coming off the ball lower, quicker and more forcefully than the Jaguars' defensive line. That's the first thing I check in a game: Who's coming off the ball better? In this case, it was an indicator of what the day would be.

Alex from Neptune, NJ:
Can you help me and the rest of the Jags fans understand what Dirk Koetter and coach Del Rio were thinking?

Vic: I'm assuming you're referring to the nine consecutive passes to start the game and the fact that Maurice Jones-Drew didn't get a rushing attempt until midway through the second quarter. I'm also assuming that was the result of a game plan that mirrored the one the Jaguars used to beat the Titans on Oct. 4. In that game, David Garrard came out throwing and the Jaguars jumped out to a 27-3 halftime lead. Garrard threw 25 passes and had 203 yards passing and Jones-Drew rushed four times for 12 yards in the first half of that game and not only didn't anyone complain that Jones-Drew didn't get enough carries, but my inbox was full the next day of e-mails that said that's the way you do it. Koetter was praised for being aggressive in his play-calling. Well, they tried the same thing in Tennessee and it failed for a variety of reasons, and now my inbox is full of e-mails from people saying Koetter should've called more running plays. You know what the real complaint is? The Jaguars didn't win. That's the real complaint.

Andy from Roswell, GA:
This isn't meant to be dramatic, but is this the most depleted defense the Jaguars have ever had?

Vic: You're being too dramatic. You should've asked if this is a defense in need of talent and I would tell you, yes, it is. That's all. Where it ranks in Jaguars history is meaningless. Right now, it's 25th in the league and that's what's meaningful.

Jeremy from Jacksonville:
I'm not mad. I looked at everything coming into this game and knew it would be tough. The Titans had a bye week to think about that 59-0 loss and they were winless. They wanted it more out there on Sunday.

Vic: I agree the Titans wanted it more. I saw evidence of that in the lack of hitting by the Jaguars. Daryl Smith played at the Titans' level, but I didn't see anybody else on defense play with that intensity.

Jason from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I know it's drastic but is coach Del Rio the issue?

Vic: The roster is the issue. How many times do I have to say it? If you don't agree with me, that's fine, but don't expect me to change my opinion. Chuck Noll won four Super Bowls and the same coach who was winning those Super Bowls lost 13 in a row in his first year as head coach and had three straight losing seasons before he got his team to the playoffs. Chuck didn't change, the players changed.

Ray from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Any reason Monroe is not playing, if this is supposed to be a learning year? Really don't see the point of Thomas playing. Not like we are going to give up on the eighth pick so fast.

Vic: Thomas was playing because he played so well against Kyle Vanden Bosch in the first game between the two teams. The Jaguars aren't giving up on Eugene Monroe.

Louis from Jacksonville:
After a game like Sunday's, I can't help but feel a burning anger inside and sometimes find it hard to control my emotions when it comes to the Jaguars. Any advice on how to cope with the anger and disappointment?

Vic: I really can't tell you how to cope with your anger other than to suggest that you don't watch the games, and I say that with all sincerity and concern for you and your family. What you're describing is a very bad and dangerous thing. It's just a game and it shouldn't have that kind of effect on anyone.

Boomer from Atlantic Beach, FL:
There's one good thing about the Jaguars: They don't lose heartbreakers. Why have we done this in three of the four losses? Is this what you get with teams that are in transition years?

Vic: Yes.

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