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15th Anniversary comments


Wayne Weaver, Jaguars Owner

"In thinking about the Jaguars' 15th anniversary on Sunday, I am reminded of the many people who have been involved, not only at that moment 15 years ago but also over the past 15 years. There have been so many people who have been a part of the Jaguars family – partners, civic and business leaders, sponsors, coaches, players, staff, and of course our fans. We've enjoyed many great moments, many great memories, and many highs and lows along the way. A lot of great people have helped create the Jaguars' first 15 years, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of it. The best is yet to come in our ongoing journey to build one of the best franchises in the NFL, both on and off the field."

##### Delores Barr Weaver, Jaguars Co-owner, Chair and CEO Jaguars Foundation

"I remember November 30, 1993 vividly. Some may recall my first remarks when asked what the designation of Jacksonville as the 30th NFL franchise meant to me. I replied, 'This is the second best November 30 in our lives;' you see our first child, a son, was born on November 30. Second best never felt so good."

Roger Goodell, National Football League Commissioner

"I truly believe that the leadership of Wayne and Delores in the Jacksonville community is a model for all sports franchises. On the field, the Jaguars have represented the First Coast extremely well and given fans a great deal to cheer about. Off the field -- under the guidance of Delores and Wayne -- the team has set the standard for civic involvement and responsibility. They helped lead the way in bringing Super Bowl XXXIX to Jacksonville and hardly an event takes place in the community that is not touched in some way by the Weavers' generosity. Wayne and Delores also provide critical leadership on the league level, Wayne in the marketing of the NFL as chairman of our Business Ventures Committee and Delores as a board member of NFL Charities. Congratulations to Wayne, Delores, and the entire Jaguars organization on 15 proud years in Jacksonville."

##### John Peyton, Mayor of Jacksonville

"The Jacksonville Jaguars have played a tremendous role in our community, both as a significant economic driver and a source of great philanthropic support. In its first 15 years the Jaguars organization has helped elevate our small town to national and international prominence, the benefits of which are immeasurable. As a city, we owe the Jaguars our thanks for their good stewardship in our community, not the least of which is the enjoyment, passion and energy they provide on Sunday afternoons. Congratulations to the Jaguars organization on a successful 15 years. Here's to many more."

Ronnie Fussell, Jacksonville City Council President

"I've lived in Jacksonville my whole life and I've seen a lot of positive changes. Without a doubt, the Weavers and the Jaguars organization have provided some of the greatest impacts this city has ever experienced. The Jaguars have helped us believe in ourselves as a community and have allowed us to showcase our wonderful resources and our slice of life to the rest of the world. Congratulations on a fantastic 15 years. Go Jags!"

##### Tom Petway, Jaguars Partner

"When we set out to bring the Jaguars to Jacksonville, we had only dreams and hopes of the impact a football team would have on our City. Today we have real results. I doubt there's a sector of our society that has not been positively impacted by the Jaguars, from our charitable endeavors, the attraction of new businesses and what we do to provide a sense of community pride, it's simply amazing!"

Laurie DuBow, Jaguars Partner

"This year the Jaguars are playing their 14th season in the NFL. . . . and everyone in Jacksonville can remember a particular moment when Jaguar football had an impact on their life. Maybe it was the thrill of being there for a Jaguars win. . . a touchdown run by Fred Taylor. . . the playoff game successes. . . seeing the faces of children in Honor Rows as they enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience. . . or the influence The Jaguars Foundation has had on the lives of so many. Being an NFL City has brought positive changes to Jacksonville . . . and the Jaguars football organization will continue in its quest for excellence on and off the field of play."

##### Preston Haskell, Jaguars Partner

"When the franchise was awarded on Nov 30, 1993, we had been preparing preliminary plans for stadium construction for several months, but now we had to get serious. Our first NFL preseason game would occur in mid-August of 1995, but we could not begin work at the old Gator Bowl stadium site until the Gator Bowl classic game was played on New Year's Eve 1993.

So we spent the month of December furiously updating and improving plans for the new stadium (a process that would continue throughout construction) and would, of course, begin demolition of the old stadium as soon as the Gator Bowl game had been played. And we did just that. When the final whistle blew and fans were leaving the old bowl for the last time, Tom Petway, David Seldin and I, accompanied by a few media people, walked onto the field with shovels and had a symbolic groundbreaking for the new stadium. I remember well the night was cool, the field lights were still shining, and the turf was rather beat-up. But we turned a few shovels of dirt, made a few remarks, and posed for photographs. The next morning, the big demolition equipment rolled in, and work began in earnest. I could of course write an entire book about the next nineteen months, but suffice to say that we completed the new stadium in NFL record time. But the physical commencement of that process, and being on the field with two of the men whose leadership and energy had brought us to that point, was a warm moment that I shall always remember."

Bryan Barker, Jaguars punter, 1995-2000

"After 16 years in the NFL with 6 different teams, the highlight was to be an original Jaguars player during a time of tremendous enthusiasm. The city of Jacksonville welcomed us warmly and we all celebrated our successes like one big happy family! Thank you Jacksonville and thank you Jaguars!"

##### Tony Boselli, Jaguars offensive tackle, 1995-2001

"It is exciting to look back as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Jaguars and remember all the great moments that have created lasting memories in my life. I am thankful that Wayne Weaver and Tom Coughlin decided to make me the first pick of the Jaguars. They gave me the opportunity to play in some great games with great teammates and the chance to live in a wonderful city filled with terrific fans."

Don Davey, Jaguars defensive tackle, 1995-98

"It makes me very proud to know that we built the Jaguars from the ground up into perennial playoff contenders. But best of all, I will always remember the way the city embraced us and our families. Thank you Jacksonville!"

##### Paul Frase, Jaguars defensive lineman, 1995-96

"1996 was my ninth year in the NFL and I can say it was a dream come true to make it to the AFC championship. The Jaguars have been about excellence in all that they do and it's obvious that it starts at the top with Mr. and Mrs. Weaver. They have been an inspiration to their coaches, staff, players and especially the city of Jacksonville in the way that they give of themselves. I wish them health, happiness, and a Super Bowl championship!"

Mike Hollis, Jaguars placekicker, 1995-2001

"Having played in Jacksonville from the team's inception in 1995 through 2001, I have experienced many great events that have left our opponents scratching their heads in disbelief and our community and fans across the country screaming with joy! The playoff run in 1996 was the most exciting time in my entire nine-year career as a professional football player! ' you believe in miracles?' We will never forget those words!"

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