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'16 reader mock: Short – and to the point


JACKSONVILLE – Away … we … go …

Yes, readers, it's that time of year again – time for the annual reader mock draft. But as we debut this year's version, we offer the following warning:

Don't blink. You might miss it.

That's because this sixth version of the reader mock won't just continue our recent push to quicken the process, it will make it a whole shorter with a couple of goals:

1)To make it a lot more pertinent to readers.

2)To focus on making every day of the five-part process significant with regard to the Jaguars' selection at No. 5 overall.

OK, so those goals are kind of the same goal …

Either way, what began in 2011 as a process that took weeks this year will take five days and be limited to Selections Nos. 1-5. That means this year's reader mock will end at No. 5 overall with the Jaguars' selection.

Maybe that makes it not a mock draft at all. Maybe it's something else.

Whatever. The thought here is what we lose in completeness, we gain in urgency – and while this is a different version of the reader mock, it remains a tradition. Once again, we'll poll readers to get an idea who the Jaguars will select – and once again, we'll have some fun doing it.

As a reminder, the format:

The senior writer each day offers a possibility for the day's selection. Readers then "vote" in the comments section below the story, leaving their choice for the selection and a comment if so desired.

The writer tallies the selections and reveals the day's selection the following day. If the writer thinks the readers have whiffed wildly, he may exercise veto power. This last part often draws the ire of readers, but as we've said before, it's his mock draft. His rules. And as always … wait for it …

No trades.

This year's version will begin Monday and end Friday. We'll pick for the Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys, then finish with the Jaguars' selection at No. 5. All five are critical selections for the Jaguars. All five have been debated and re-debated ad nauseam in recent weeks, and we'll debate them again next week.

OK, enough explanation. We'll offer Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil to the Tennessee Titans at No. 1 overall, and the guess here is the readers will agree. Maybe, but perhaps they won't. We'll see.

Have at it. And remember: No trades.

And don't blink.

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