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Black History Month | Content Creators: Cameron Hicks

Cameron Hicks Black History Month

Where are you from?

  • Quitman, Mississippi

What was your journey getting to your role?

  • I came from a small town. I loved playing sports that's all I wanted to do, but after having several injuries, that made me decide to switch up my path. So, I found a passion for filmmaking. I started to take it seriously after my first video was well received. I went to college and studied media production at Southern Miss. I was on the student broadcast team there. In a little over 4 months, I went from camera operating to producing live shows. I learned about every position available. This helped develop my creativity even more. It's all storytelling. After graduation, I decided to go to graduate school. Afterward, I felt I was ready and took a leap of faith, and it worked out back to back. I was at VCU as the Video Content Manager, then now as the Jaguars' Social Content Producer. I didn't know anyone on the inside, I made it off my personality, drive, skillset and what I could bring to the table. I was given a chance to show who I was and I capitalized. I couldn't ask for anything more. All it took was one opportunity.

What elements of who you are get incorporated into the content you create?

  • My swag, personality and cinematic/storytelling techniques. I like to call it the Cam Hicks Special.

Who inspired you?

  • My mom inspired me to keep it going. She helped put me in places where I could learn, grow, and excel. She supported me the entire way.

Advice to aspiring Black creatives?

  • There are not many of us in the field or in this position. Let alone have this opportunity. I want to be the change and show that it's possible. We have to work harder, be a student of the game and stand out in our own unique way. We have to learn the business side and how to be professional. The biggest part of it all is to network and never be afraid of rejection. Build connections with people, word of mouth goes far. Having great relationships with people can have you in rooms that you never thought you would be in. As far as rejection, we have to be ok with that. During my journey, I received a lot of "No's and No Responses." That didn't stop me, I kept working and trying to figure it out. Later down the road, I got those opportunities that helped get me to where I'm at now! Keep going!

Favorite part of working on your team or with the Jaguars?

  • My favorite part about being a member of the Jaguars would be... the people. Having a loving, supporting, and caring staff group is just a breath of fresh air. We've had so many moments as a whole and it just feels like we are all family here. Just being able to network and collab with so many like-minded people is just a blessing.

Favorite memory or moment with Jaguars?

  • I've had so many moments. Moments from being at the right place at the right time to capturing the biggest play of the game and moments to where simplicity is just the biggest storyteller. I would say the biggest moment would be us winning the AFC South Division Championships and moving on to beat the Chargers in a historic comeback.

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