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5 Key Moments in London


1.     The Jaguars Opening Drive down 3-0.

The Cowboys exploded out of the gates with a DeMarco Murray run for 23 yards and followed it up with a 17 yard screen to Murray. In 2 plays the Cowboys were at the Jaguars 40 yard line showing an explosiveness the Jaguars couldn't match. Blake Bortles would have to make the most of his opportunities and on the Jaguars first drive he did finding Cecil Shorts for 24 yards to get into Dallas territory. He followed that up with a crucial 3rd down pass to Allen Robinson to put the Jags in scoring position. On the very next play Denard Robinson broke free for a 32 yard run to the end zone and the Jaguars led 7-3. Early on at least it looked as if the Jaguars were ready to play their best football and claimed their first lead at Wembley Stadium.

2.     Dallas recovers Ace Sanders muffed punt at the Jaguars 6 yard line.

Leading 7-3 the Jaguars defense battled on the Cowboys next series and kept Dallas from hitting the explosive plays they had on their first drive. The Jaguars forced Dallas to punt and you could feel the momentum as the defense headed to the sideline. It would be gone seconds later when return man Ace Sanders couldn't secure the punt and bodies crashed for the ball, knocking it further towards the Jaguars goal line. Dallas finally pulled it in at the 6 yard line and 3 plays later re-claimed the lead 10-7. It was by all accounts THE turning point in the game.

3.     Dez Bryant wasn't stopping short of the end zone in the 2nd quarter.

The Jags offense suddenly went south going 3 and out on their next 2 series which left the defense in the precarious position of having to defend Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten and mid-way through the second quarter their most explosive weapon Dez Bryant. Up 10-7 and facing 2nd and 8 at the Jaguars 35 yard line Romo dumped it off to Bryant in the right flat and he ran around, past and eventually through defenders into the end zone. Bryant's touchdown pushed the lead to 17-7 but more importantly it was a statement by Dallas that they simply had more weapons than the Jaguars could defend.

4.     Another turnover in the 2nd quarter

Down 17-7 with 3:59 to play Blake Bortles found Cecil Shorts just down the field. Shorts broke a tackle then raced to the outside, 53 yards later the Jaguars had the ball at the Dallas 35 yard line and they had hope that they could climb back into the game before Dallas exploded again. That hope evaporated on the very next play as former Jaguars defensive end George Selvie pinned Denard Robinson's arm against his body, jarring the ball loose. Dallas recovered the Jaguars 2nd costly turnover and killed their short lived momentum just before the half.

5.     Disaster strikes with less than a minute to play in the half

The Jaguars defense was suddenly on their heels as Romo and the Cowboys pushed the ball down the field. They could sense their opportunity to end the game against a struggling Jacksonville offense before the half and they went for it. For a moment it appeared the Jags would stave off the Cowboys charge when they fumbled, giving the ball back to the Jaguars with 1:17 to play. The offense couldn't find its legs going 3 and out. A poor punt by Bryan Anger left the Cowboys one more chance to put the game away from their 32 yard line with: 31 to play. For more teams that's too far to go and too little time to get there…but not with Dez Bryant. On the Cowboys first play of the drive Romo went deep down the Cowboys sideline and Bryant delivered another run over, around and through touchdown to make it 24-7 and essentially the ball game with: 19 seconds left in the first half.

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